3 day – win $1000 per day on roulette – Video Super Ninja Real

3 day – win $1000 per day on roulette – Video Super Ninja Real

As I promised some time ago we are back again to Harvest Project.

Video Super Ninja Real

For all who didn’t read my previews reviews related to it I will tell you again what it do.

So Harvest represent a set of scripts made with Roulette Scripter Studio Pro.

What do these scripts?

So them represent some strategies made to analyze and play on roulette.

Using them you can play as on Online Roulette as on Live Roulette.

By the way there are also some scripts made for BetVoyager No Zero Roulette.

On the other hand Harvest Project represent an open source project and this will give you the option to see how was made it also to change it.

While playing roulette almost of roulette players use different roulette systems.

In many cases these roulette systems are embedded into a software.

Please pay attention to the fact that any EXE software is closed source and this mean you never will be able to see what it do and for sure never to improve it because EXE file don’t allow to be modified.

In case of Harvest Project you will deal with scripts which are open source and this mean you will be able to modify any of them  and to share them to other members for improvements.

I know this is something new for you!

In the same time this represent a new level of technology for roulette players which want to find and use something more powerful.

Watch below a video:

If after watching this video you still will have some questions then feel free to visit the official board of this project.

Verdict: I recommend this project to all who want to move to a new level of knowledges related to online and live roulette also to all who look for a new  way to automate their own roulette strategies. Believe me this is the most advanced technique known at the moment.

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