AG-Sleeper roulette system

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Ag-Sleeper roulette system review

From Today I will start a new type of reviews dedicated to roulette systems made with Roulette Player Software.

Anyway for me is still not clear if these roulette systems was made only with Roulette Player Software or them was made with Roulette Scripter Studio Pro and after was imported into Roulette Player Software Database.

Why this roulette system?

I decided to start with it because it got the most downloads and runs, something more than 2000 downloads by more than 300 unique players.

AG-Sleeper roulette system 1

Some users while browsing the site www. may not know where to click for the project support this is why I want to put here some lite on this. So first of all look for a section called “Projects Support – Quick Links” and after find the project you are interested in and there you will see a button called “Get Help>

Also you can ask for the help on Forum in the Community | Workplace section Projects board.

Look on the image and you will see a child board related exactly to this project.

AG-Sleeper roulette system 2

If you pressed before on “Get Help>” button then it will move you exactly to board related to this project.

AG-Sleeper roulette system 3

Feel free here to find a documentation related to this project also to ask for help directly from the roulette system coder.

Now let move forward and talk about how we can run AG-Sleeper roulette system. As I said before to run any of available roulette systems from Roulette Player Database you need to have installed and run Roulette Player Software. Look on the image below.

AG-Sleeper roulette system 4

After you have to select the roulette system you want o play and click on Run button.

Wait 5-10 seconds until the roulette system will load and you are ready to start.

Related to this roulette system then it is a Basic Sleeper system which wait for some special sequences before the betting will start.

AG-Sleeper roulette system 5

On the other hand I will not call it too simple because here are a lot of options to be configured.

So you have to configure it for your casino and for your own roulette table.

After please select how you will play in simulation mode or in real money mode and you are ready to start.

AG-Sleeper roulette system 6

Really even if it is called Basic Sleeper here are a lot of features but even with all them it still remain very simple to use.

AG-Sleeper roulette system 7

Verdict: I recommend this roulette system to all who look for a Roulette Sleeper System. If these options may not be enough for you then please take a look on Ag-Sleeper + which I will review later.

This post has already been read 403 times!

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