25% Share Revenue from Cooperation between Andruchi and Online Casinos

25% Share Revenue from Cooperation between Andruchi and Online Casinos


Several years ago was proved that Andruchi Roulette System are one of the best site, which are capable to create good revenue for online casinos affiliate program by making online roulette players losing!!!

It was made in a special way so it will keep players depositing big money and losing quickly.

While with the other systems you can lose a small amount of money, Andruchi system proved to be one of the best, making players losing from 150$ up to 1500$ and sometimes much more. So stay away from it!


You will ask me where is the prove?

The proves are everywhere.

Look above and you will see 25% and this is exactly the commission online casino pay to Andruchi so he will make you losing.

So how Andruchi operate?

All is very simple. On his site exist a form and I posted it below. There he collect information about you. Let say you are so called serious player and you will deposit 1200$. In this way playing with Andruchi system and losing he will make 300$ from your loses being payed by casino because he helped the casino so you will lose the money.

Andruchi and Online Casinos-1

Look on the image above and this is exactly the form you will complete to let know Andruchi how much you can afford to lose.

If you are very rich then Andruchi will recommend you to select >1500$ plan

 Let suppose you will put in casino 12000$ and with Andruchi system will lose them.

Based on 25% revenue share plan online casinos will pay him 3000$

If you are very rich and can afford to put in casino 12 000 000$ then Andruchi system will eat your money very easy.

I think one hour is enough.

You nothing have to pay to Andruchi because you lost and casino won.

If casino won then casino should pay Andruchi and here Andruchi will make 3000 000$

If you is a compulsive gambler and like to gamble and to lose then Andruchi system is for you so all you must do is to play with it.

Andruchi and Online Casinos-2

Andruchi system is one of the best site which have a strong partnership with casino affiliate program and if you will have some luck then you will pay from your winning 25%

If you will not be lucky then this mean the casino will be lucky and you should not worry about payment because you will not have to pay something.  Let casino which was lucky to pay Andruchi.

Like Andruhci said: if we can have an army of users winning.

Unfortunately this army don’t exist instead of this there is an army of players which lose and several casinos which won with Andruchi affiliate program.

Like Andruchi said he will not lose the time with curious players but with very serious players which can afford to lose big money.

If you saw Andruchi is a very serious online casino affiliate program and he recommend to deposit in casino from 150$ to 1500$ and even much more than 1500$

Any smart player know that before to use a strategy you should test it with a simulator.
Does Andruchi have something like this or recommend something like this?

Sure not because he is not interested in players winnings but in players loses.

If he was interested in players winnings then he was provided all them with a real money simulator and was recommended to start playing only using a small balance.

Instead of losing money with Andruchi Roulette System get “Roulette Scripter Studio” software and input there Andruchi system and you will see how it lose.
Andruchi scam was discovered a long time ago and people made for this an Excel File and even roulette scripts.

I found one of them on Money Maker Machine site. Money-Maker-Machine.Com

I started Roulette Scripter Studio and run Andruchi System and it lost quickly. I tried different numbers but it always lost.

There was a catch.

Only a big balance can help you from losing quickly but anyway you will lose and doesn’t matter if this will happen in the next 15 or 20 minutes because finally you will lose everything.

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