Andruchi Roulette System – Review by MMM Admin

Andruchi Roulette System  – Review by MMM Admin

This review was done in 2009 by Money-Maker-Machine.Com – The biggest worldwide provider of roulette tools for online and live roulette players. This site provided us also with another set of reviews related to other roulette sites which we will post soon. For the moment enjoy this review about Andruchi Roulette System and try to understand why you are still a loser and no guarantee that you will be able to change himself but who knows.Andruchi-Roulette-System-1

Let start the review of Andruchi Roulette System also let see if the owner tell us the truth and if he still believe to what he say.

Yes Mr Andruchi we heard about your system while it is on the first position on the Google when people search for several keywords related to roulette.

Related to if it is the #1 Roulette System then I must not agree with you because you did here a mistake.

Your web page stay on the first position on the Google when you search for several keywords related to roulette and this don’t have something in common with the best or worst roulette system.

Yes your web page have the best SEO but this doesn’t mean you also have the best roulette system in the world. Any site owner can do this if he will pay money to the best SEO specialist or will do SEO by himself.

Andruchi talk about 700 000 roulette systems but please don’t make all Internet visitors stupid because in the Internet don’t exist 700 000 roulette systems.

Say to users the truth and the truth in next:


Yes in the world don’t exist 700 000 roulette systems but around 700 000 web pages which Google consider related to roulette systems but I am sure 90% of them are far away to be related to this.

Try to go at least to page 50 or 60 on Google results so you will see there different sites that are not related to roulette systems. Some of them are related to casinos while the other are related to software directories but finally this is what Google understand by roulette systems, because as we know even Google is not perfect even if it is the best search engine we have now.

All should know that the fact that Andruchi still stay on first position on Google when you search for roulette systems don’t mean he have the best roulette system but that he have good SEO for the moment for his site even if was some periods when I saw his site on position 4-5.

If will appear one site related to roulette systems with page rank = 4 or more then may happen that Andruchi will not be anymore on the same Google position, because most sites related to roulette systems have page rank = 3 or less.

So only time will show us this. Now let move forward and let hope Andruchi will change soon his site and will provide some explanations and will solve this error because is a big mistake to say that in the world exist 700 000 roulette systems.

For example our site Money Maker Machine that have more then 100 web pages are listed by Google on the same keyword at least 1000 times but this doesn’t matter we have 1000 roulette systems.

This is a very big mistake so I hope that Andruchi Roulette System is not also a big mistake. So let move forward and to continue to browse the Andruchi Site because he want to make us very rich.


If to read all above then there is a lot of text about nothing.

I think this is a catch for future stupid buyer who will lose some money to buy Andruchi Roulette System and after will lose a lot of money in the casino playing with Andruchi Roulette System, before he will understand that Andruchi Roulette System had him.

Nothing strange because this always happen with the beginers and this is normal. Still not find any download link for trial but will continue to search for it.

If to analyze the screenshot of his system then new user never will understand what is all about.

I can’t understand how can this be a very complex system if the info available for the new user are very simple?

Better to say there is no info!

I think Andruchi Roulette System will make us very rich this is why it is a big secret! Finally I am sure this is not a complex system because it is based on very easy analyze method.

Let move forward and see what new miracles will happen. Andruchi-Roulette-System-4

I don’t know if somebody will understand something from these diagrams but at least any of you can build them using Excel so start doing this.

All I can suppose is that Andruchi are not from the Earth. Let move forward and to find our more about aliens technologies.


I don’t know if Andruchi have at least one Real Time Roulette Analyzer Tool because if he had one, then he wasn’t done such amount of mistakes.

If he don’t have it then he may ask some help from our MMM Community Members who may write for him at least some free roulette scripts for analyze of big sequences.

I want to give to him an advice: before to prove something do a complete analyze on a whole numbers sequence because you talk about nothing.

You should know that RNG‘s differ also whole RNG sequence is very big and numbers redistribution differ from one sequence to another.


So Andruchi said that his algorithm is based on numbers prediction and this mean it is based on statistics.

So I think is a big mistake to use only 37 numbers because such amount are far away to be enough.

I will recommend to analyze at least sequences of 1024 or 2048 numbers but sequence of 37 numbers is not enough.

Finally our MMM Community Members tested this and any of them will said that such method is good but 37 numbers never will be able to help you to get good results.

In the same time should be also another module that will track these numbers real time.

I hope Andruchi roulette system is not manual and have auto play module because if to improve Andruchi Roulette System then it will need at least 1024-2048 numbers for analyze before to start betting and I know no one user want to collect this sequence manually.

I hope soon I will find out if his system is manual or auto play or allow both methods. At least I know that Andruchi Roulette System is a black box roulette system and it is based on one algorithm that know only Andruchi.

On our side all MMM Community Members use only open source roulette systems and this mean all players look into roulette system code and know all do any roulette system from the begining of the game till the end.

So I recommend only open source format because it proven to be the best and to avoid potential risks. On the bottom of the site I see an advertising link.

The question is if this site is another Andruchi site but I think I may found more about it later.

Now I will move to the Andruchi Roulette System Page 2 called How It Works?

When I tried to move to the next page I received an error.


Andruchi use PHP?

Now I know why he may stay on first position on the google! So exist some methods which allow smart SEO people to do this and all ends when somebody complain to google about it and finally such site is banned.

I am not sure if this may be the case for Andruchi Site but once it is not still banned then all is fine. Hope soon his page will start to work so I will continue my review. Now whole site don’t want to work.


No problem for me I will wait until the problem will be solved and will continue my review.

Already more then one hour how his site is down.

Will continue the review once the site will be up.

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