Andruchi Roulette System Scams – So we now know who the real scammer

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Andruchi Roulette System Scams – So we now know who the real scammer!!!

So we now know who the real scammer is….. certainly not MMM that is for sure!

This review related to Andruchi Roulette System was sent to us by pug879

Pug 879 is a Money Maker Machine Community member (Money-Maker-Machine.Com). Well it looks as if I have found another dodgy Roulette site, or at least most likely a dodgy geezer running it!

This one is called Andruchi Roulette System Scams and if you look at the Roulette Scams section of the main web page, you will see Money Maker Machine listed as a scam!

Ok some facts about Andruchi Roulette System Scams:


Truth is, these geezers are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of newbies to the Roulette scene… with the old con trick of Martingale system on Red, claiming a 1% chance it rarely ever goes over 7 red in a row (if only) at one particular casino they have tested a million spins at (yeah right).

Of course, there is an affiliate link to the recommended casino!

Andruchi Roulette System Scams

This is claimed to be the beginners system,  so lets begin to loose some cash then!

Then we have another intermediate system where we wait for a dozen not to show X number of times, then start betting on it at yet another ‘tried & tested for one million spins casino’, with an affiliate link again of course!

We all know you can in reality see 15 – 18 red or black appearing together in a row…. &  25+ times without a dozen showing!

But wait…. it gets better, as these geezers ‘guarantee’ that if you lose, then they will make up any losses for you! (yeah right).

So I decide to test these dodgy geezers to see what happen when using their system, i.e.

I decide to test their money back guarantee (so this should be interesting then).

So let us now see who real scammers are?

Andruchi Roulette System Scams

So I log into the recommended casino using the link on their page… register a real money account, then start spinning the RNG in real money mode without placing bets of course.

I use RSS – Roulette Scripter Studio in simulation mode to keep accurate count of number of spins from the logs produced, then after 268 spins, I get 11 reds in a row!

Ouch… lets see then, so following their system using $1 unit to start, would have cost me 1024 lost at that point!

So next I send the geezer a message via the live support link on their page, to tell him of my loss (told him I stopped at loosing 64 on 7th stage, but I counted on till 11th stage).

I ask for the guaranteed refund, as I play system exactly as he says on his site, & at casino he recommend.

(Andruchi Roulette System Scams) – He tells me that they have ‘just received reports’ of the system going over the usual amount of 7 reds today for ‘the first time’.

He said the casino must have changed the code today and the system he gave was only guaranteed to work with the previous code which had been thoroughly tested!

I decide to give him benefit of the doubt: (ha ha), so contact the site posing as another newbie,  looking to win some money using same ‘guaranteed’ beginner system.

I use live link and ask if the system really work before I risk my money, as I had lost once before at another casino when 10 reds appeared together!

He says it only works at this one tested casino he recommend here on his site, not any other.

I then ask if there is chance casino will see winnings and change the code perhaps soon?

He says it has been fine so far… with ‘no reports’ of any problems yet!

Er… maybe I misunderstood what he told me an hour earlier then.. posing as another user!

So we now know who the real scammer is….. certainly not MMM that is for sure!

Hell fire, I sure wonder what the ‘Advanced Proportional Probabilities System’ he is offering by invitation only is then…….. with a claim of 90 – 95% chance of winning.

Perhaps it comes with the same guarantees as the beginners system

I guess this geezer is perhaps covered in baby oil… as he certainly seemed a bit of a ‘slippery’ character to me and shady too!

Andruchi Roulette System Scams

Cheers everyone, this site need exposing!

This post has already been read 457 times!


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