Andruchi Roulette System 1500 Euro or 1500$?

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Andruchi Roulette System 1500 Euro or 1500$?

Andruchi Roulette System, the goal of this investigation is to understand what finally Andruchi do and what he sale.

Until the end of conversation I was able to understand that him sale a software where you enter manually the numbers landed in online casino and the software suggest what to bet.

On this market exist a lot of such software which are totally useless but them cost max 50$ and for sure not 1500 euro or 1500$

I decided to contact Andruchi via Live Support system and to talk with him.



When Andruchi said that he can’t partner with USA players he said possible that he don’t have partnership with USA casinos. 


Here Andruchi possible mean 25% revenue share plan from casino affiliates and this mean when the player will lose with Andruchi system he will receive from casinos 25% of players loses.


Yes Andruchi is very confident that his system will bring him money and doesn’t matter if this will be player or casino. Finally one of them will pay to Andruchi.


So for 1500 euro or 1500$ you will receive a software which can use even children.


Andruchi is prepared to get your money but in exchange will give you a software which cost on this market from 30$ to 50$

If he will give you it for free then in this case the casino will pay Andruchi.

Still now sure how many players was scammed in this way but I think not too much because not all are stupid.

Related to guaranteed I can’t say to much but possible here exist a catch which will not allow you to ask for money back.

This post has already been read 526 times!

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