Andruchi Scam Review Updated Version March 2015

Andruchi Scam Site Review

Here I will start my review of Andruchi Scam Site and later possible a review of his system, but I will see if this will make sense and will present interest for the players.

Andruchi Scam 1

My first question is where is Andruchi and I found the answer by myself.  Really this was not too hard to do.

Andruchi Scam 2

Now let move forward and review Andruchi Scam Site.

Andruchi Scam 3

Related to #1 I must agree with this but from the END.

Related to the Andruchi Team, then there is only one web designer so called Andruchi.

So his team is based on one real person so called Andruchi and an unlimited number of virtual entities which represents Big Andruchi Team.

Related to world authority I must not agree with this because nobody said this except Andruchi, which call himself as world authority.

Did you saw somewhere on the Internet somebody who call Andruchi world authority?

I didn’t saw this and I am sure you also didn’t saw this and never will see.


Because Andruchi still didn’t got this status and for sure will not get it even in the next 200 years.

Andruchi said that his name is everywhere and I must agree with this.

If you will perform a search in Google then his name can be found everywhere. Look below where exactly.

Andruchi Scam 4

If you want to know more about Andruchi, then you can do this on more than 20900 sites which reported Andruchi as scam.

Andruchi Scam 5

With the last phrase I must agree because this is not a hobby for Andruchi but a serious business.

How this business run and how Andruchi make money I will tell you later.

Now let read and analyze what else want to tell us Andruchi.

Andruchi Scam 6

As you see Andruchi will guarantee your losses.

Related to “We only win if you win first” I must not agree because in Andruchi case win-win situation will happen only for him, because he work also as an online casino affiliate but about this I will tell you later.

In this paragraph word “guarantee” is highlighted with red and if to click on it then there you will see next:

Andruchi Scam 7

You can read whole paragraph but if to read only the next phrase:  “Remember that to qualify for a refund you must simply use our Systems, at the tested Casinos, with the bankroll used in our successful tests.” , then you will understand that Andruchi works for online casino affiliates and it have win-win situation only for himself.


1. If you will have luck and will win  then Andruchi will receive money from you.

2. If you will lose then Andruchi will return back the money you paid for his software but will receive as compensation  % from the casino. Here is nothing new because this is an usual scheme use each casino affiliate.

Who can fall into this catch?

The answer is  simple. Only newbies.

Let move forward and pay attention on the Left Side of his Home Page.

Andruchi Scam 8

Here are several casinos. If you will click on these casinos links  then you will contribute to Andruchi affiliate business. When you will click on any of these casinos you will think that it is a normal link but I had the luck to find the prove that Andruchi work for the casino.

Look below is the prove of this.

Andruchi Scam 9

Andruchi offer a Risk-Free Trial of his system so let see what he offer and how good is what he offer.

Andruchi Scam 10

Doesn’t matter what will say Andruchi but the fact is one: Andruchi idea don’t work in a long run and this was proved as via Excel as via different software which are capable to analyze real time roulette strategies.

Anyway let read next and to see what else will happen.

Andruchi Scam 11

After I read whole this paragraph I didn’t find something new except that Andruchi tell us how good is his system.

But I will continue to read Andruchi Scam Site and maybe I will found something new good and for me.

I think I will stop here.  I will not read anymore this page because all this is a cheap theory. Some things are correct and the other are wrong. Finally I don’t care.


Because Andruchi Scam Site is black box.

I don’t like black box sites and instead of them I will choose sites based on open ideas.

All the Andruchi want to tell us in his site is how good is his system, but unfortunately nobody can test it without to lose big money. 


Because Andruchi don’t want to reveal till the end his idea so we will be able to test it fully.

On his site Andruchi don’t focus on explanation of his theory but on how much money the players should put in the casino and how big will be his affiliate profit.

Let say you decided to test Andruchi strategy.

Andruchi Scam 12

My verdict is next: if you will have some luck then you will win and will pay 25% to the Andruchi otherwise Andruchi will be paid by Casino Affiliate Program which also give 25% but from your loses.

I will recommend to Andruchi to work more on his system explanation than on advertising.

If the system will be good then it don’t need advertising because the best advertising will be players satisfaction.

I wanted to know who is Andruchi so I think I found the answer on his site.

Andruchi Scam 14

Even if Adruchi named several countries the support is only in English.

Related t0 200 years studying roulette I must not agree.


Because Andruchi is one person + Andruchi 1 + Andruchi 2 + Andruchi X (all exist only virtually)

I can’t say that Andruchi studied roulette 20 years.


If to analyze the data posted on his site then this information can be collected and processed in some months.

Sure  this can be done in 20 years but only if Andruchi is the most worldwide lazy roulette expert.

Anyway I can’t understand how Andruchi perform his complex analyze if he don’t have tools or auto play software.

I think maybe he use pen and paper.

My verdict for this page is next: Andruchi is not a roulette genius but a simple web designer.

Now the most interesting his page called Scams.

Andruchi Scam 15

I want to tell you next: Andruchi simple posted his web competitors and he even don’t have any ideas related to any of these sites. Some of them really have bad reputation while the other simple don’t exist but in that list are also some sites which are reputable.

For example the site I like is Online Roulette King.

Is this site a scam? Sure not. Online Roulette King made a review of Andruchi scam and then Andruchi called it scam.

So you should not trust to Andruchi site because 90% of the information presented there is wrong.

If you still want to know more about Andruchi idea, then don’t pay to Andruchi and not use Andruchi recommended online casinos but instead of this find a tool which will allow you to test his strategy without any risk.

Search on Google for  the “money-maker-machine best roulette tools” and test Andruchi system without any risk.

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