This review (AYS ROULETTE BOT) was done in 2009 by Money-Maker-Machine.Com – The biggest worldwide provider of roulette tools for online and live roulette players. This site provided us also with another set of reviews related to other roulette sites which we will post soon. For the moment enjoy this review and try to understand why you are still a loser and no guarantee that you will be able to change himself but who knows.


I received an enquiry related to review of this site so people will understand more about it. ays-roulette-bot-1

So by reading this paragraph all is fine and the owner is a roulette bot coder and nothing more.

Finally this is nothing new because we started to do the same one year ago before appeared this site.

Let check how he does this and which is the price of his services and not in the last case the quality of his service.

So what he offer MMM do already more than one year for the price starting from $15 and MMM also have a lot of free roulette scripts shared by different community’s members.

If I remember then right now we should have more than 50 free roulette scripts also more than 15 free roulette projects shared by our community members.



This is good looks like people have a lot of work. Several hundreds in several days is good.

Finally here on MMM we don’t have such expensive service. Here all start from 15$ but I will review the strategy so all may start from 5$.

Related to the fact that they have pre coding and coding operations this is good and I think this is correct.

So they analyze any roulette system with RX and give to the player the RX code.

I am not sure related to this but I think this is useless because the player want the final solution.

I think somebody may pay 10 times for RX code. Is this correct?

Related to what they use to code and if they provide the player with an open source roulette system I still didn’t find but will search.

At least this is the begin of the site so all I find out is that these people make custom bots.  ays-roulette-bot-3

Related to what they can’t promise I am agree finally this is the same do coders from Money Make Machine.

The main idea is that on AYS Roulette Bot Site all is paid and nothing is free.

I will advice them to do also some things for free.

In the same time using of RX that is an additional roulette tool is not a good idea.

At least is good that they also don’t use Excel or Photoshop or any other expensive software.

Related to second part about what they can promise I also agree because this is correct.

So again these people are not more then simple coders and what they propose we offered even one year ago.

I think there is somebody that learned from us but I think from now this will not be anymore interesting because now appeared a lot of such services if not to count our service.

At least MMM Network opened a board on www.money-maker-machine.com site which goal is to promote open source roulette system concept and in the same time to allow all roulette coders so share there all their roulette scripts.

So why to pay if you can get all for free?


Finally is up to every player to decide if he want to pay or to get all for free from our site because who know maybe somebody already made something he want to code.

Let see if they have at least something new which never existed on roulette market.


I don’t know who are these people and if they read everyday newspapers or at least if they look on TV but I suppose they are from the forest while they don’t know that what they want to do we started to do already one year ago.

But let suppose they don’t have electricity and the TV don’t work.

All I want to say is that what they do is nothing new.

Related to all type of bets then we also do this and we have in this more then one year of experience.

I don’t know what they have but their site is very limited in info which is very bad because smart people never will be able to find the info they may need but I suppose this site is for players who don’t like to think.

Related to the price of 45$ then I think this is expensive.

As I know MMM Network also writes custom scripts for roulette players but every script cost from 15$.

I have a question here?

Can one simple and another complex roulette script have the same price?

I think this is a big mistake or maybe the quality of the script will be different in this case.


If to read above the site owner want to make from all his users stupid people or maybe he have some problems with the orientation in the space.

First of all his software (AYS ROULETTE BOT) is not unique because we have better software than it and we had them one year ago but not released several days ago like he did and now he want to deceive everyone.

I can’t say about this site more because it is too limited in information and as I know only VLS forum advertise it.

I think AYS ROULETTE BOT this is a source of funds for it but this is not a problem because we all look for this.

Also I saw on the site that he talks about the forum. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any link to the forum.

Another bad point of this site is that it collects e-mails but don’t forget about my advice related to make a spam-me@yahoo.com email and feel safe always.

Ok, finally the forum exist but I think you will receive it only after you will subscribe to that e-mail in order to receive spams and where one of the spams will contain the forum link. AYS ROULETTE BOT.


I checked the forum so there are the same members you can find on VLS forum.
Better to say not the same VLS forum members but that which post everyday like robots.
They post always and do this only to post.
I think I also saw them on my forum.
They come on MMM Forum to learn from us and after they go to VLS and post the same. Good Joke 🙂

At least I wasn’t able to find something interesting there.

Verdict: AYS ROULETTE BOT – The site contain not enough info for this process, the site has a hidden forum, the price for custom coding is too big, about the quality I don’t know, more info about how they work or what they have there is not present. So from my side it don’t contain at least 1% from what we offer but the price is two times bigger than our base offer.

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