Banned from roulette Yes or Not?

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Banned from roulette

No no do not worry you will not be banned from roulette playing this system so just read below.

banned from roulette

I decided to start a new series of articles which will look more as a tutorials.

In this article you will be able to find a Video called “banned from roulette” also a short explanation of what I am doing.

I am sure this will help you to find out more interesting things about Money Maker Machine products.

Now shortly about this post called banned from roulette: It contain a video where I play with DCS Palette 13

Banned from roulette Video is here:

Here is my Text Log which you can find also in the above video:

1) Select the casino to play.

2) Enter roulette tables chips.

3) Select active palette or roulette strategy to play.

4) Click New Game button and auto play software will run.

So DCS is running.

In the mean time I will explain what it do.

So it done some free spins after which it will follow the roulette strategy described in the palette.

As you saw there are a lot of ready to use palettes which you can play.

As I know there are more than 600 ready to use palettes.

Anyway you can create your own palette.

By the way for all to know this software do bets only on columns or dozens.

In this session I set to win 20$

Looks like the job was done.

Please find below also DCS software log:

*********** Start the Game ***********
Date: 4/26/2017
Time: 2:31:33 PM
Casino Name: BoyleCasino
Roulette Table Chips: 0.01,0.1,0.5,1,5,10,25
Game min/max bet limits:
Min bet value=0
Max bet value=200
Start Balance is: 2151.00 units
End Balance must be: 2170.00 units
Now DCS will play and help you to win: 19.00 units
***Configuration of DCS Betting Palette:***
Palette ID=13
Palette OWNER SN:1522217227
Palette NOTE:Fibonacci progression: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 with 13 steps
Only 12 steps used for progession and step 13 used as the last step.
This palette can be used as for dozens as for columns.

*************End Game Logs************
Start Balance: 2151
Current Balance: 2170
End Balance: 2170
Game Profit: 19
Spins: 39
Speed: 41.025641025641
Roulette Element 1 landed 14 times
Roulette Element 2 landed 14 times
Roulette Element 3 landed 11 times
Zero landed 0 times
Longest Roulette Element 1 sequence is 2
Longest Roulette Element 2 sequence is 0
Longest Roulette Element 3 sequence is 0
Longest Zero sequence is 0
DCS Won current game.

Sorry there was a mistake I won only 19$ and not 20$ as was stated above!

In order to end with this I want to say that you can be sure that you never will be banned from roulette and remember this is only a trick many use in order to advertise here.

This post has already been read 14 times!

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