Best odds at casino with DCS Palette ID 17

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Best odds at casino

So which are best odds at casino for roulette?

I will say simple forget about this and simple do what the casino do not expect to happen.
I think this is the right answer to the question related to best odds at casino.

best odds at casino

I recorded for you a video related to best odds at casino so please check it!

Watch here the Video: (best odds at casino)

This is my Video Log: (best odds at casino)


Welcome to my Video Series about DCS.

DCS is Dozen & Column Roulette Systems Studio

DCS is a software for roulette strategies based on Columns or Dozens.
With it you can create and play your own roulette strategy or load an existing one from our remote server.

In order to start your game please follow next steps:
1. Select the casino where you want to play.
2. Select the strategy you want to play.
3. Enter the amount you want to win and the software will start to play.

Note: You should know that palette is a graphical representation of any roulette system played with DCS.

So another one of my tests.

If you remember before we tested palettes starting with 1$.

This time I found a palette which start betting with 10 cents.

So this mean the risk is lower and the needed balance is also lower.

I started at 2205.10 and have to end at 2210$

At least I recommend palette with ID 17 to all which have a low casino balance and need a low risk.

Finally roulette involve risk but this is it…

Related to logic of this palette is hard to say but you can get DCS Full Guide also DCS Palette Guide and understand what is all about.

During the game simple enjoy it.

Really is funny to watch how DCS do this.

Just think if I was playing with 1$ starting bet then this mean this palette have to make for me 50$

But even 5$ is perfect for this lowest risky session.

10$ and 10 cents was made.


Here is DCS – Dozen & Column Roulette Systems Studio Software Log: (best odds at casino)

Unfortunately I forgot to save this Log so this is my fault.

By the way if you still want to see some of DCS Software Internal Logs please consider to look at them in DOOZY DOZEN SYSTEM.

If you still want to find out more about DCS – Dozen & Column Roulette Systems Studio please consider to check DCS Full Guide.

This post has already been read 11 times!

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