Checkmate Roulette System

Checkmate Roulette System

In this post I want to tell you about one of our services called roulette system automation also how it will allow us to automate checkmate roulette system.

Finally which is the best roulette software to automate any roulette system?

For sure I will recommend RSS or RSS Pro but finally this will depend on the roulette strategy you want to automate.

Sometimes is enough some simple roulette software like RBS or DCS but when we talk about something complex then this job for sure are for RSS or RSS Pro.

Checkmate Roulette

Before to continue let check the email I received:

Hello , I have bought a Roulette System called Checkmate Roulette from Silverthorne Publications which I find confusing to use .
I asked the seller if they have a Bot or know about such a Bot that could be used to follow the method at online Casinos.
They replied that they did not have one or knew about such a program .
Also they said it is not wise to use a bot as they are banned .
I said I was willing to take a chance if they can allow me to apply online for a new program to be created.
They said go for it and I placed a Project on .
The purpose of this email is to ask you does your RBS program permit the use of the rules of Checkmate Roulette selection and betting system ?
If you don't know about Checkmate Roulette I can send you a copy of the PDF as long as you don't distribute it .
Suffice to say at this stage is that it only bets on the Red and Black .
Michael from Australia
For sure if the roulette strategy is based only on Red and Black bets then RBS may be enough but I will recommend to get RSS or RSS Pro. Related to RSS Pro then please go for it in case you have a very complex system also when you have a lot of output variables also if you need a real time control under the system.
Verdict: I think is no need to go on because all roulette coders are located on Money Maker Machine 
Also you should know that till now more than 200 roulette players received their scripts.

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