DCS – dozens and columns roulette systems studio

DCS – dozens and columns roulette systems studio

For today I want to do a simple review of a product called DCS – Dozens and Columns Roulette Systems Studio.

roulette systems studio

Before I will start I want to tell you that this is not a roulette system but a roulette tool.

This mean with it you can play any type of roulette systems based on Columns or Dozens using Fibonacci progression.

Another advantage of this product is that it is based on open source roulette system format so this mean you always will know what do the roulette system you will use and will be able to control it fully and even to modify it.

roulette systems studio

Where you can play with DCS?

At this time this product can be used in any online casino based on one of the next platforms: Playtech, Real Time Gaming and BetVoyager.

So these are more than 150 online casinos.

roulette systems studio

By default DCS come with a lot of ready to use roulette systems.

All made and shared for free by different roulette players all members of Money Maker Machine Community.

If you will want to make your own roulette system then DCS allow this.

roulette systems studio

This is very simple to do.

Whole strategy is divided into 33 steps so all you should do is to set special rules for each of them.

In case your strategy will be based on less steps then all you should do is to set exactly the number of steps need your strategy.

roulette systems studio

On the image above you can see casino and DCS in action.

Verdict: a very useful roulette tool for all players who look for a way to automate their own roulette systems which are based on columns or dozens.

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