Doozy dozen system. How good or bad it is?

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Doozy dozen system

If you are looking for doozy dozen system then I have to offer you something better.

doozy dozen system

Really I do not know what is this so called doozy dozen system and even do not want to know.

In this video I will show you how perform itself palette 15 from DCS – DCS is Dozen & Column Roulette Systems Studio

Please watch the video here: doozy dozen system

My Personal Game Log is here: (doozy dozen system)


Welcome to my Video Series about DCS.

DCS is Dozen & Column Roulette Systems Studio

DCS is a software for roulette strategies based on Columns or Dozens.
With it you can create and play your own roulette strategy or load an existing one from our remote server.

In order to start your game please follow next steps:
1. Select the casino where you want to play.
2. Select the strategy you want to play.
3. Enter the amount you want to win and the software will start to play.

Note: You should know that palette is a graphical representation of any roulette system played with DCS.

So DCS is running.

It made 13 free spins and now it started to bet.

As you saw I loaded palette with id = 15 and set to win 20$

Now we have only to wait and see how it will perform this.

By the way if you want to know more about how to configure DCS then do not forget to check DCS tutorial but if you want to know what do any palette then you will need palette guide.

So as I see it won not 20$ but 21$

I am not sure why but this is what I see.

DCS Internal Software Log is here: (doozy dozen system)

*********** Start the Game ***********
Date: 5/4/2017
Time: 2:32:51 PM
Casino Name: BoyleCasino
Roulette Table Chips: 0.01,0.1,0.5,1,5,10,25
Game min/max bet limits:
Min bet value=0
Max bet value=200
Start Balance is: 2180.00 units
End Balance must be: 2200.00 units
Now DCS will play and help you to win: 20.00 units

*************End Game Logs************
Start Balance: 2180
Current Balance: 2201
End Balance: 2200
Game Profit: 21
Spins: 37
Speed: 48.6486486486486
Roulette Element 1 landed 10 times
Roulette Element 2 landed 18 times
Roulette Element 3 landed 7 times
Zero landed 2 times
Longest Roulette Element 1 sequence is 3
Longest Roulette Element 2 sequence is 0
Longest Roulette Element 3 sequence is 0
Longest Zero sequence is 0
DCS Won current game.

What can I say?

For sure it is better than doozy dozen system.

Really the palette look strange but looks like the designer which made it know what he do.

I think I have to set it to make not 20$ but 100$ so let see how it will perform in the long run.

On the other hand it do bets starting with 1$ so my question is if it will be less risky with 10 cents starting bet.

Till that time do not forgot to check DCS Full Guide to understand what is all about.

Also you can take a look on our small DCS Video Guide

This post has already been read 17 times!

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