Double Dozen Roulette System

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Double Dozen Roulette System

Double Dozen Roulette System is a new roulette project developed by Silver.

I think this is something related to bet on dozens.

Here is a Double Dozen Roulette System Short Documentation I got from Roulette Player Community.

Wait some Doz/Col land X spins in a row – then bet another 2 D/C using progression.
Save/Load settings, Pause/Continue buttons, etc.

Read instructions.

All settings are changeable.
Set trigger negative value (ex -15) to not play (OFF) some elements.
Fully working.

Here is a short list of Features from this project
– Multiple Betting
– Stop Loss / Trailing Stop Loss / Profit Goal
– Time Limit / Spin Limit
– DoubleDozen system – you may select what to play – Columns and/or Dozens
– Analyser – by loading recorded numbers from history
– Save / Load Settings
– History Recording – All information are saved to a log file
– Landed numbers are saved to a log file and may be used for later re-play with other settings
– Process may be paused and resumed – Pause/Continue buttons

Like always nothing complex to get this roulette project running!

Let suppose you already have Roulette Player Software.

Double Dozen Roulette System Screenshot 1

double dozen roulette system

Click on Run button and this is it.

Double Dozen Roulette System Screenshot 2

double dozen roulette system

For players who wasn’t on the roulette projects section the small faq is available.

Little FAQ.
1. Before press START – you should Select chip values and define starting balance.
Otherwise, for play_mode=2,3,4,5 – balance by default=1000.00 and 1st set of chips.
2. “Files”->”Path to save log” – be sure you have rights to create files there.
3. Comma or Dot – will define delimiter for float values (it differ by regional settings)
4. Money may be float (chips, balance, 1 unit, …), but units are always integer values.
And progression is represented in units.
5. Play modes
0 – Real mode – read numbers from casino, do spins, place bets (FunMode or RealMoney)
1 – Simulation – read numbers from casino, do spins, NOT place bets (FunMode or RealMoney)
2 – Read from file – read numbers from file (without casino window)
3 – Random – random numbers generator (without casino window)
4 – RNG_Studio file – read numbers from file generated by RNG_Studio (w/o casino window)
5 – Input numbers yourself – manual input (without casino window)

Discuss, suggest, improve – everything about this project is here
Path to save log (change this in menu Files) = c:\
Path to file with numbers (change this in menu Files) = c:\numbers.txt

Verdict: Double Dozen Roulette System is another good and professional roulette project from Silver made with Roulette Player Software. Check it and let us know what do you think about it.

This post has already been read 412 times!

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