Free Roulette Software – RBS

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Free Roulette Software – RBS

This post will be fully dedicated to RBS Free Roulette Software.

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First of all I want to tell you that RBS is the short name of Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio.

It is a software from: Money Maker Machine

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Possible most of you already used or use this software but for a newbie I will prefer to start from the begin.

So this is a roulette software capable to play any type of roulette strategies based on Red and Black bets.

Do not look on this software like on roulette money maker box!

It is an auto play roulette software capable to play any roulette systems based on red and black bets.

On the other hand it offer many other useful features, other than just simple betting on Red and Black.

In future let call this free roulette software simple RBS.

In case of RBS all roulette strategies or roulette systems are called palettes.

The most important thing here is that you can create your very own palette also use many other available palettes.

Last time when I checked RBS I saw there more than 6000 available palettes and this number grow always.

You should know that all these palettes come from Money Maker Machine community members this is why before to use any of them you have to understand what is all about.

In order to start with RBS I will recommend to use Casino Fun Mode.

When you will know what is all about you can switch to Real Money Mode and use RBS with simulator.

After you will pass and this level you are ready to play in Real Money Mode without any real money simulator.

Why Real Money Simulator?

At least because of protection against real money loses.

We can talk here a lot about this free roulette software this is why in order to not overwrite available information I will recommend to check some existing links related to  it:

Link 1-> RBS Full Guid

Link 2-> Automate your roulette strategy with RBS

Link 3-> Find here some quick start videos

Verdict: I think you have to check RBS at least because of it free roulette software version. By the way to be correct I want to tell you that this free roulette software version is only for one random casino. In case you will like it you will be able to upgrade to full version which is for more than 60 online casinos.

This post has already been read 1395 times!

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