Futura Capital Scam 100%

Futura Capital Scam

Is the Futura Capital Scam? I am sure this article will give you a clear answer of what this site is.

futura capital scam

Till that time let move in the past.

Some time ago I posted several articles about different roulette scams.

Click here to find a list of well known roulette scams

So beside these posted scams you can find some sites which have many in common with this one called Futura Capital.

I will be shortly and will tell you directly what is all about and why I am sure Futura Capital are managed by the same artists.

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Believe me this is not the full list as the scam artists now work on other new sites.

Behind all these sites are one team which use the same scheme.

I will explain simple what is all about:

So you will receive a software stated to win every time on roulette.

If you will test in in fun mode then it will win but once you will move to play with real money then it will lose.

Usually they give this software for free but you have to be their partner which mean you will have to pay them from your winnings.

In the end you will lose which mean you nothing will have to pay them and now the main question where is the catch?

So the secret is related to so called Casino Affiliate Program which mean the casino pay Futura Capital Scam from your loses.

Also there are another option which mean Futura Capital Scam will sale to you this scam software via some payment gateways which never will give you a refund or where you never will get a charge back.

From my side I warned you about Futura Capital Scam but if you are too lazy to read what I said or even to check about other roulette scam sites then this is not my problem.


Futura Capital Scam is an old scheme based on an old idea. I am sure there are many other scam sites like Futura Capital Scam if to not refer to those I already discovered and about which I made a review. Finally If you will discover a site based on the same idea as Futura Capital Scam do not forgot to leave me a comment.

In order to end then all I want to recommend you are Money Maker Machine Products.

So there are at least 15 products you can choose from and believe me these are the single roulette tools you may need ever.

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  1. These are the sites on which are based whole scam:
    1. Roulette Software News
    2. Technigroup
    3. Privatis Club
    4. Privatech
    5. Futura Capital

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