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Review about GenuineWinner System

Today I will do a simple review of  (GenuineWinner System) “” Site. From what I know this site is related to Live Roulette and there are sold some devices which should help you to win on a Live Roulette Table Wheel. From what I know this site is related to Live Roulette and there are sold some devices which should help you to win on a Live Roulette Table Wheel.  I don’t know how useful or useless are these devices or software GenuineWinner System he sale this is why I started this review in order to receive comments from the people which already use it.


Will be good to know how good or bad are these devices or GenuineWinner System software.

The main idea here is that Live Roulette from a real casino can be beaten if to use special devices and whole process here should be based on ballistic.

Some people call such devices: roulette computers but I am sure we can find different names for the same thing.

At least this is how I think such system may work but I am not sure how exactly work the things which are sold on GenuineWinner System site.

I didn’t bought GenuineWinner System because I think it is very expensive and I can manage to make such devices and to give them to all interested players let say for 100$ instead of 1000$ or 2000$ but about this I will tell you more later.

I am not sure how GenuineWinner System work but theoretically such thing should be very simple.

You will need a cam which will record the events happen on the roulette table and send information to your software.

The software will get this data, will analyze them and will suggest the next roulette element to bet.

If you are a software specialist then I think you can buy a roulette table which you can find in any shop for 50-150 $ +  a good web cam for 50-100$ and after start to  make your own software.

If you will manage to do this then I think you can sale like GenuineWinner System do.

Below you can sea a simple screenshot of his site. Some fact about GenuineWinner System:


I read only the first page because whole site is no more than a complete advertising site for the products and services he offer so if you don’t have exactly the requested amount of money then don’t worth to spend time there.

On the site he said that a real player earn 1000$-30 000$ per week.

I am sure this can be done but he didn’t specified if this can be done 100% with his system or not.

Also he didn’t specified if a simple player can do this or maybe the player may require  some special extra skills.

Maybe I am wrong because I didn’t read and investigated whole site?

Genuine Winner site has a lot of information so you for sure will be able to find there a lot of interesting things.

Related to how his system will perform in a real casino then we can only guess.

Still want to find out more from the people who bought GenuineWinner System so they will tell me if worth to buy it or not.

What I heard is that Genuine Winner cost a lot of money.

I know that Money Maker Machine will start soon a such project but for sure it will not be so expensive.








The idea  is that whole project price will be sponsored by Money Maker Machine Members.

Let say if the development of such software will cost 5000$ then 50 members will pay only a contribution of 100$ each.

In this way  if you will join Roulette Ballistic Project then you will be able to get the same thing but for the price which is 10 times lower.

Be careful!

We still don’t know nothing about this system and I hope to find out more from the people who already use or used it.

This post has already been read 502 times!

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