Gold Roulette Software Scam

Gold Roulette Software Scam

Is Gold Roulette Software Scam? Sure it is! It is based on the same casino affiliate scheme as Futura Capital.

I can say more this is the same roulette scam group as: Technigroup, Privatis Club, Privatech, Futura Capital, Roulette Software News, or Roulette Labs and believe me this is not the end of the list.

If you want to know how works all these sites then please read my post called Casino Affiliate Scheme on Futura Capital.

In case of Gold Roulette Software Scam all is the same!

gold roulette software scam 1

I mean the same idea and the same casino and the same people but about this later.

So here 17000 players earn 30000$ per day which mean 30000$ / 17000 members = 1.764$ per player

I want to ask if electricity do not cost more?

gold roulette software scam 2

Finally this is the same Gold Roulette Software Scam as in my Roulette Software Scam article.

Really all  is the same except the site design.

How these scam artists make money?

Once Gold Roulette Software Scam do not sale something then this mean they are making money via casino affiliate scheme and I can prove this!

Do not forget you will be asked to play in a specific casino!

The same happen with Futura Capital Scam!

The same happen here!

Even the same casino if you will read my investigation then you will see this.

gold roulette software scam 3

If you will check my chat with the scam victim on Futura Capital then you will see there Magik Casino.

I know there are some casinos with low reputation so nobody reputable except scam artists will work with them which is fine.

Let see how old are they in business?

gold roulette software scam 4

So no more than 4-5 months which mean there are no reputation.


Gold Roulette Software Scam is for sure a 100% scam. Here are a lot of signs which show us this. I warn you about this and now the question is if you will be the next victim. If you want some trusted roulette software take a look at Money Maker Machine Roulette Software which are in business for more than 10 years and not only several months like Gold Roulette Software Scam.

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