Gold Roulette Software Review

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Gold Roulette Software Review

If somebody check every week our site then he possible already read my previous review related to Gold Roulette Software.

If not then find my first Gold Roulette Software Scam Review into Roulette Scams Section.

Due to the fact that Gold Roulette Software site is hardly advertised I decided to analyze it again!

gold roulette software scam

As you see based on 15 December 2017 stats Gold Roulette Software have 17000 members which are earning 30000$ per day.

I suppose all these earning belong to all 17000 members.

Let see how much in average make a member of this site.

Let divide 30000$ per day to 17000 members.

30000$ to divide to 17000 members = 1.764$ per member per day.

My question now is if really this community are winning or losing?

1.764$ per day is not a big amount!

No No No this can not be true, because the electricity cost much more!

Maybe not all win!

Let start from the amount of 30000$ and suppose each player win 100$ which mean based on this amount only 300 members are winning while 16600 members are losing.

Now the question is if can a such community considered as winning?

Let better I will tell you the truth because I know what is all about.

Do not expect there to win because you deal with a casino affiliate scheme.

Gold Roulette Software site belong to casinos!

As always the main goal of such scam scheme is to give you an illusion of winnings but finally all lose.

For sure on Gold Roulette Software site may be several lucky players but this is all.

Do you want to know how much money can bring a such casino affiliate scheme?

Usually based on average player deposit value which is 40$ and due to the fact that the community have 17000 members this casino affiliate scheme can bring around 680000$ per month.

Let see how much a such scheme can bring per day?

Let divide this to 30 working days.

680000$ to divide to 30 days = 22666$ per day.

If to compare 22666$ per day with the value stated on the site of 30000$ then we talk here not about  community winnings but about casino affiliate scheme income.


So Gold Roulette Software is a casino affiliate scheme!

There is no way where a simple roulette player can win on Gold Roulette Software site.

If you was able to find my Gold Roulette Software Scam Review before of being scammed then you are lucky.

BY the way I can recommend you as always only products from Money Maker Machine.

At least that site do not deal with the casino which is a good point to start with.

If you wanna find out more casino affiliate scheme then click here

This post has already been read 10 times!

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