Roulette System on Google

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Roulette System on Google Search Engine

This post will be about Google Search Engine also about how Google Rank sites related to roulette.



As you know Google is the number one search engine and 40% of all Internet Users use exactly it.

I know exist many other search engine but from my side most of them are far away to work at least acceptable.

On the other hand here are a lot of companies which provide so called SEO or simple to say a way to rank higher on Google.

The most important in this case is the user satisfaction and if the user is capable to find exactly what he search.

From my side all worldwide search engine work quite acceptable but any of them a far away to be perfect.

Simple to say better to have something then nothing I think this is the word I can attribute to all.

If to refer to search engine used on smart phones and tablets to find an application then there everything is based on user satisfaction so as bigger is the user satisfaction as higher the application rank.

I think this is the feature of all search engines and I am sure this is the main principle should use also Google and other search engines.

The main problem here is that Google, Yahoo or MSN are considered universal search engines or search engines for everything.

In this case is very hard to control the user satisfaction.

I know Google offer several additional services in order to count user satisfaction but this should be done in one service because a complex service always will be used by some additional companies which always will offer to other paid services for how to rank higher.

Now back to our main question higher ranked Roulette System on Google.

Let see which result Google will return when we will enter next search keyword: “roulette system”

Google Roulette System Page 1:


Google Roulette System Page 2


Google Roulette System Page 3


Verdict: I think Google Search Engine have to work in the direction of user satisfaction and bring together all the services it released into one single because how now Google work is something complex which for sure do not suit the best for any simple user. I know Google is still one of the best but far away to be something perfect. I will suggest them to look what Apple do and learn from them. Our test based on “roulette system” keyword I think failed. Next time will try to see what will say Yahoo or MSN.

For me is still strange why money-maker-machine still stay on the end of this list if it offer more than 13 products all related to roulette system term while other has no more than one product but like I said before this is a Google bug and the prove that Google work with text and not with user satisfaction.

This post has already been read 246 times!

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