Harvest Review the most advanced roulette scripts for RSS Pro

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Harvest Review the most advanced roulette scripts for RSS Pro

Possible you remember some of my old reviews related to Harvest.

Harvest Review

If not then I will try to tell you again about it also about the progress of this project during the last months.

Harvest Review

For all who wasn’t able to read my old reviews about the Harvest I will explain once again what it represent.

So Harvest is a set of scripts for roulette made with RSS Pro.

 The goal of these scripts are to find the best way to win on online and live roulette.

The project is open source and all scripts are shared for free.

Even if the scripts are free anyway you will need a software capable to open any of them and play.

I talk about Roulette Scripter Studio Pro which is not free and which you can find on Money Maker Machine Site.

Harvest project contain a lot of scripts for different casinos platforms like: Playtech, Playtech Live and BetVoyager.

I am not sure related to RTG but who know.

So you can play with these scripts next type of roulette games: Online Roulette,  Live Roulette and No Zero Roulette.

I am not sure if you know what is this open source roulette system format this is why I recommend you to read more about this on Money Maker Machine site also on Money Maker Machine Forum where is located also the Harvest Project.

Verdict: I will say simple these scripts are for all roulette players which want to have full control under their roulette game. If you are one of them then this project is for you. From my experience I can tell you for sure: nothing better and nothing open source you will be able to find on whole Internet. I think worth to take a look at this and to see how this can help you to win on roulette.

Soon I will come with more information related to this project but for the moment just take a look on the sites I specified above.

This post has already been read 520 times!

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