Is Roulette Bandit site good to win on roulette?

Is Roulette Bandit site good to win on roulette?

Some time ago I posted a review about this site so you can find it in Roulette Bandit category.

Roulette Bandit this is my second review related to .

One year ago Roulette Bandit had another marketing plan.

This site was selling an e-book with the description of a roulette system which was supposed to win always on roulette and never to lose.

If to play manually then should pass some hours before you will get the sequence will make you losing and in the same time you will not make an amount which will make you satisfied.

Remember this system represent an e-book so you will have to play manually several hours.

Nobody play manually several hours.

Better already to find a real job for 5$/hour than to play on roulette with Roulette Bandit system.

After players tried it manually and won 1-3 $ they decided that this is a winning roulette system.

Once they found a winning roulette system (described in an e-book) they decided to automate it and came to Money Maker Machine ( – the site where any player can automate everything.

After the Roulette Bandit strategy was automated the  players was able to test it for the first time on a long sequence of numbers and they finally saw that Roulette Bandit system is like any other systems  on this market and only build an illusion of winning.

The Roulette Bandit system was possible to test fully with Roulette Scripter Studio.

By the way the owner of the site recommended to avoid any software.


In order to not discover the scam.

Due to some players which invested in Roulette Bandit Script now we know for sure this is  not a winning system.

The Roulette Bandit Script is located on site and every owner of Roulette Scripter Studio can test it.

Now let see what we have today related to Roulette Bandit?

So some facts about Roulette Bandit:

Roulette Bandit

This time we have a site built exactly for casino advertising.

We see there 2 casinos and several roulette strategies to make you gambling and losing quickly.

Verdict: this site was made more for Google Search Engine and Casinos than for roulette players.

Remember two things:

1. First on Google don’t mean the best roulette system but the best for Google

2. Roulette System for a special casino mean this site work for the casino and not for the player.

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