Logiciel Roulette Review

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Did you heard about Logiciel Roulette?

If not then read my Logiciel Roulette Review.

Believe me you will not be disappointed for the time you will spend with us.

The main idea on what is based this software is that somebody want to introduce us to THE ROULETTE BOT FOR ONLINE CASINO ROULETTE PREDICTION.

So let see how useful or useless is this site or the roulette software it offer sure if it offer something.

Logiciel Roulette 1

Usually when users hear about the students or something revolutionary made by them, they are willing to trust but in the same time this generate much more questions.

In order to find the truth is quite enough to read very carefully the content.

Logiciel Roulette 2

After reading these paragraphs I can assure you these people do not have anything which will allow you to beat roulette.

Logiciel Roulette 3

Related to above paragraphs then you can find anything related to what you want to hear but nothing related to how this software work.

Any software engineer will be able to confirm that these paragraphs was written more by a content maker than a software engineer.

Logiciel Roulette 4

Now start the most interesting things!

Be ready!

In order to use this roulette software you will have to register.

Finally registration is not a problem because this is an usual procedure many sites will ask you to do.

Step 2: You will have to download so called “hacked online casinos”

These are not hacked casinos! The site owner have a special deal with these casinos.

A such procedure all call Casino Affiliate Program and this mean the Affiliate Site and in our case Logiciel Roulette will work for the casino and it will receive % from any player loses it will refer to casino.

Logiciel Roulette 5

Step 3: The site ask you to deposit 40$.

Why 40$ and not more or less?

I think this minimum deposit amount is related to the deal between Logiciel Roulette site and the Casino.

Logiciel Roulette 6

As you see I was right.

If you will put the mouse under the casino then in browser task bar you will see the casino link.


This site is affiliated with the casino which mean you never will win but always will lose and % from your loses will go to Logiciel Roulette site.

Logiciel Roulette 7

Another interesting thing I saw here is related to Logiciel Roulette Team.

Let talk about Kevin – Project Manager of this site.

Logiciel Roulette 8

I did some searches using Google Images feature.

So this work in the next way you send to Google a picture and it do a search based not on a text string but directly on the uploaded image.

How do you think what I found?

Look above!

This picture belong to Rob Olsen from Career Junction.

Logiciel Roulette 9

Verdict: Logiciel Roulette is a big scam! Not sure about the software the site offer but when the site start with fake information I think is no need to check there something else or at least to spend there your time. On the other hand this is the most trivial affiliate scheme so if you expect there some winnings better prepare yourself for some big loses.

By the way if you look for some smart and advanced roulette software as always I can recommend you: Money Maker Machine and Roulette Player. Believe me there you will not be disappointed.


There are more than 13 products to choose from and the most important you alway will know what you will play.

This post has already been read 1137 times!


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