Make Money with a free Roulette System for Stupid and Losers

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Make Money with a free Roulette System for Stupid and Losers

Today I will present you a new site designed especially for losers. Yes it make good money but only for the Roulette System site owner. So if you consider yourself as a loser then this site is especially for you. Also this site is for you if you have some amount you afford to lose using the roulette system described below.


You should remember one rule: what is possible for the other can be impossible for you.

Believe me this rule work and this is why some people win money on roulette while the other lose every time they play it.

Look below to the online casinos where you should play.

These casinos don’t have something special and the support or software they use are the same use many other.


I will explain here simple: if you will click on the links posted above and will download and install any of these casinos then all money you will lose in any of them will be shared between the site owner and the casinos.

Simple a such thing is called casino affiliate program.

Affiliate is a good think if it is not used by fraudsters.


If you will pay attention then this site advertise casinos based on Playtech platform but the screenshot posted above is related to Real Time Gaming Platform.

I am not sure but maybe he want to say that his roulette system are good for both?

I am afraid this is impossible because we talk here about different RNG Modules used by these two different platforms.

I will say more: possible inside of one platform different casinos can use different RNG Module this is why for sure two different platforms use different RNG Modules.

Professional players understand about what I talk.

Losers simple can close their eyes and start gambling and losing.


Look above on this so called winning roulette system.

This is a simple martingale which can kill you bankroll very quickly.

If you don’t believe me this is very simple to check.

Use RBS-Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio.

Start and configure it to play this strategy.

If you plan to test it in Real Money Mode please use real money simulator.

In this way you will find out the truth about the martingale roulette system.

Martingale progression is good only when you know for sure that from several steps you can pick correctly the roulette element will land next.

If you are not sure how to do this then forget about this progression type because you simple will lose all very quickly.

If you will look at the bottom of the site then you will find about what I talked before.

The owner of this site told us that he scammed us in his last paragraph called “Important!”.

So he said that this is just a video in which he show us how he used his so called “easy roulette winning system” at an online casino and made some quick cash, however he want to remind us that this is gambling and therefore nothing is 100% sure!  So he advice you to try this system at your own risk and to remember that nothing is 100% guaranteed, however you can have fun watching his video and trying it out for yourself and for sure losing.

Verdict: a totally useless online roulette system for any online roulette player which look for a way to win on roulette.

This post has already been read 548 times!

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