MoneyBlowers Review – the truth about it is here!!!

MoneyBlowers Review – the truth about it is here!!!

Possible you remember my first review related to Money Blowers.

If not then click here for it.

Anyway this post is not about my first review but about the truth related to MoneyBlowers site.

MoneyBlowers Review

In order to find the truth I ordered an investigation on Money Maker Machine Site.

Why there and exactly where?

So I ordered it on Money Maker Machine Forum because this is the single community based on real players.

Be careful only real players and no fake players or fake forum accounts.

From what I know this is the biggest roulette players community concentrated into single place and each member of this community are trusted and verified.

There are some rules which make scammers and fraudsters to  stay away from it.

So how this was?

I simple asked more than 200 real players about Money Blowers and below I will post what I received.

I will not make a review or what I understood from what members discussed related to this subject.

I simple will post about what they discussed there so you will decide by yourself.

The topic on that forum is called: “Going for Gold!!.”

So this is how everything started: posted material is from Money Maker Machine Forum

Hi everyone,

I was going to purchase a six month membership of Money Blowers Gold system, in order for us to try to see what this is really like, in view of the positive feedback on here regarding the Silver system.

I thought it would be an idea if we could share my login details along with the cost of purchase being divided… if Admin have no objections?.

Admin.. I will pass you the login details to test for yourself, if you think the idea on this thread would be suitable?.

The cost of this is $259, so if we have four members, then it would work out at $50 each, including my contribution, if we had four members willing to contribute?

This can be done via Paypal for any contributions.

If anyone is seriously interested, then please leave a reply on here, & I can set the wheels in motion, once we have sufficient interest from four members.

Look forward to it, many thanks everyone .



After followed a reply from Ombrerico one of the most trusted MMM members like Pug879

posted material is from Money Maker Machine Forum


Calm friend

Have you read that starfighter55 system moneyblowers silver
and that the system has failed.

It seems that there is no miracle in this system.

Let us test more before buying a system that does not do anything different. Just wait a few numbers and bet on these delay numbers.

We can set this easily in Harvest and we will be free for everyone in the system.

Next post come from Pug879 and bring more light:

posted material is from Money Maker Machine Forum

Hi all,

* Newsflash *

I was talking to a friend of mine on skype last night, & he tells me he saw something about MB Gold system somewhere on the net, but cannot find the info again.

He told me that from what he gathered, the difference is that you have the option of betting on more than 5 numbers at a time. He said you can bet on 10 or even 15 numbers at a time using this system! .

Me thinks… hmmm……….

Looking at this on the whole, we could say it gives you more chance of winning, but obviously the stakes will be higher. This could make sense as to how they talk about winning between $400 – $700 dollers per session?.

Have asked him to see if he can find out anything else, as I can find nothing of any use regarding this.

He also talked about the Pit Viper system, which is on Foresters site (My Rulet), & reckons it sounds something quite different. It is a Roulette computer by all accounts. I have heard of his FFV FFC systems, but not this one.

Anyway, will keep you posted if I learn anything further from him regarding MB Gold, as he said he will look into it again for me .

Cheers everyone .

After Ombrerico come with his analyze:

posted material is from Money Maker Machine Forum

However tenhos moneyblowers not in a miraculous technique, but only a good technique.

Moneyblowers bet on sectors of the wheel, and like any technique will not always win.

There is no particular logarithm makes moneyblowers invincible.

He bets the 37 sectors making roulette martingale 35x.

I still do not know how long it expects to start betting, but that’s all, there’s nothing special.


As previously suspected,

This is just a system that starts to win and after a while it takes away all your money.

I repeat that there is no system that can always win at roulette.

You can earn momentarily, but if you play always the same system will find its failure at any time.

LIVE ballistic system is unique in that it works correctly, can give us real profits.

Let’s hope that the admin can trump.

Hugs to all and there is another system demystified.


Finally come another one of MMM trusted members which in the same time is and the owner of this software.

posted material is from Money Maker Machine Forum

So this is exactly what he said:


I feel some bad vibrations in here for the moneyblowers system…

Like Ombrerico says when using the same system again and again it will fail.. Maybe it goes great in the start especially with RNG, most system win..
Like for me with moneyblowers all my money were blowned away in the toilet….

But still I think we can use the sector bet in a some kind of system like the harvest..

Nice we discovered the Gold system that is no more than more sector bet.. Ya right, more numbers to bet on, more to loose….

Ombrerico helped me for a while ago to create a sector bet of 10 numbers for the live wheel, not the best winning system.. I were trying to bet from the DS, bet on the sector were the ball land most but some times it never land in the same sector again before bankroll were down…


Verdict: Smart investigation on Money Maker Machine Forum saved a lot of money to all Money Maker Machine Community members. Now all is simple. Do you want to know something? Simple come on MMM Forum and ask about it.

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