MoneyBlowers Review

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MoneyBlowers Review

This review about MoneyBlowers was requested by a member of Money Maker Machine Community.

Today I will do a short review of MoneyBlowers site.

First of all I want to say that this site is about Roulette and how to win money by playing Roulette.

On the first look is hard to say if it is related to Live Roulette or Online Roulette.

Why MoneyBlowers?


I read the content of this site so it is more for Live Roulette than for Online Roulette even if the software they sale is designed especially for Online Roulette.

The site owner sale several products also has a subscription based on the time you will use their products or services.

Also you can pay for a training.

This sites has a lot of roulette systems and a lot of videos made and tested in fun mode.

So this is good and you can understand what is all about but I am not sure if you really will make a lot of money even if the site owner try to guarantee this.

On the site is told that you can use these products in a lot of casinos.

Possible the site owner is right because it is not an auto play software this is why such software can be applied to all casinos but I am not sure that expected results will be the same in all casinos.

I can’t trust to such site and to all materials published on it.

Why MoneyBlowers?

How I can trust somebody which talk about the methods operate live roulette but sale software for online roulette.

Possible the site owner has an algorithm which may win in a short run but believe me once this software is not an auto play then you will not have how to check it fully and the most important in the long run.

This look more as an affiliate scheme than as a software to beat roulette.

The content is well written and you will hear always exactly what you expect.

The products price are very high.

Verdict: if you want to win on online roulette then such software is totally useless and made by somebody which have more marketing skills than roulette skills.

Finally you should know that the best roulette software can be found on site Money-Maker-Machine.Com which is the biggest roulette tools provider for any online roulette player.


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Next days I plan to review a roulette software which use dynamic progression instead of static progressions like: Martingale or Fibonacci or any other used today’s by online roulette players.

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This post has already been read 1699 times!

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