MoneyBlowers Scam

MoneyBlowers Scam

Is Money Blowers Scam or not?

I think this is a good question and all expect to receive an answer related to it.

Below I will try to provide you with some facts which will help you easily to decide if you have to deal with a scam or not.

MoneyBlowers Scam

Money Blowers roulette system is based on the next idea:

“Exist the┬ápossibility to predict the outcome of the games since online casinos use an online database of dealers for the throws.”

In the same time you can find on their site a free version which will allow you to check this in fun mode.

This is very strange because from what I know Live dealers don’t deal with fun mode.

Also believe me no one casino keep a database for the throws.

This information is not correct and this make me think that this is a scam.

While investigating this site I found another idea:

“The roulette program calculates better with higher amounts of money at stake.

In the beginning, you must bet as low as $1 on the black wheel and $1 on the red wheel, so as to be sure of the outcomes before betting big.”

This is no more than a simple gambling or better to say Money Blowers is a casino affiliate program and nothing more.

If you want really to beat online roulette then you should know some technical aspects on which are based any online casino.

First of all you have to beat casino RNG Module and not roulette.

If you don’t know what is this RNG then forget about winning on online roulette.

Even if you know what is this then the next step is to find special software for RNG Investigation and Analyze also some communities related to such type of investigations.

I will point your attention to RNG Studio, RNG Assembler and RNG Disassembler.

These are the tools or projects will help you to beat online roulette.

Verdict: from my point of view MoneyBlowers is a scam or at least an affiliate program.

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