Playtech closed activity in Australia?

Playtech closed activity in Australia?

Many of you possible heard about Playtech which is the biggest and finally the best software provider of casino games.

Now back in 2006 when Playtech closed its activity in USA.

playtech usa

Now in 2017 looks like Playtech closed its activity also in Australia.

From my side this is very sad but really I do not know why this happen.

The main question is which other platforms will bring all these players?

From what I know all USA players lost a lot in 2006 due to such regulations.

This looks like to not accept in USA cars like Mercedes, BMW or AUDI and the single cars for sale will be only Chinese cars.

Still not sure why this happen but this is why I like Europe where the word FREEDOM really mean FREEDOM and nothing else.

But please do not judge me because this is only my point of view.

Never was to USA to say something about this country but is very sad when there people are limited to use high quality products.

Finally Europe is big and I think there is still a strong and big market.

How about Australia?

Playtech Australia

The same thing. During the last 10 years I knew a lot of players from Australia and which was really happy with the products from Playtech.

Now the main question is what they will do or where they will move and who will bring all them?

I contacted Playtech casinos live support and they confirmed me that they close the activity in Australia.

This is very sad as for me as for many Australian players which simple love this platform but this is the life.

Looks like only Europe is the single Free place on whole globe and I am happy I live here.


Playtech Europe

Maybe my verdict will look quite funny but I suggest all to come to Europe. All I can guarantee you is that Europe will be from now the number one FREEDOM place. If you are still from Europe and play in casinos based on Playtech platform then I can recommend you the bets roulette software from Money Maker Machine otherwise take a look on my compulsive gambler article.

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