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This review was done in 2009 by Money Maker Machine ( – The biggest worldwide provider of roulette tools for online and live roulette players. This site provided us also with another set of reviews related to other roulette sites which we will post soon. For the moment enjoy this review and try to understand why you are still a loser and no guarantee that you will be able to change himself but who knows.

Rou-B review or what is it.

This long name will be something related to Roulette Betting Bots.

As I remember by the begin of 2007 we was the first who sold roulette bots while now all moved to this technology.

Is good that people learn from professionals like we are but the time of bots ended because now Money Maker Machine provide all roulette players with so called final solution related to how to build roulette bots that can play any type of strategies based on all roulette elements.

If you didn’t knew about this then please check more on YouTube related to Roulette Scripter Studio and forget forever about any other bots because our is the best and is based on open source roulette system format.

But let start doing the review of this site and roulette system described on it and let see how good is it.


Looks like there works professional gambling web designers also people who know how to write sales letters and the most important they know how to convince people to buy their products.

So the begin is good.


Till now all is good but the same idea you can see on all our reviewed sites.

So site owner make guarantee which I suppose will disapprove in some of other his site web pages.

I see here a new term called “Investors“.

This is good because we started in 2007 using it for the people that invested money in our development.

So using our customers money we developed RBS, DCS and finally RSS and RSS Pro.

Is good that people start to learn from us and to get what we have the best.

At least we like Mercedes car that bring all the best to people and all other are just an usual cars.

By the way we also have another new standard used from 2008 called “Open Source Roulette Systems“.

But let wait some months before all will move to this format. I am sure this will happen and we all will see when.


I am not sure if only this roulette system have the automated solution for USA casinos.

Maybe the site is not up to date?

If the site don’t know the real situation on the market, can we trust to whole site and all was written on it?

All is up to you to decide but I will continue my review.

I will continue my review and I just got to several testimonials.


I thought this may be Thomas Grant son but unfortunately this is not him.

Finally I even don’t know if he have somebody and this is not the most important thing now.

I think the problem came from my screen resolution so now all is fine and I can say for sure he don’t have nothing in common with Thomas-the best online casino player from the planet.

By the way Thomas Grant is a very reputable man on this market!

Let move forward.


I am not sure if exist a lot of roulette bots that cost thousands.

I am sure he is wrong.

Ok the bot seller said us about an advanced technology but not specified in which consist it.

Maybe this is sexual technology or maybe this technology is related to how to hatch eggs.

We don’t know now and possible never will know.
But let hope this is something coming from another galaxy or at least this is a technology stolen from aliens.


Ok a lot of features about nothing.
Finally the last feature represent an easy solution to lose your money so just let the bot do this for you.

I am not sure but for $97 you will get some additional software. I think the next:


I don’t know what the seller suppose the players may understand but I understand one idea: these bots was made to rape your pocket and I am sure all them will do this in the most dirty mode.

You know how are people. All are different. Somebody like this other not.

For some of them this is a new experience.

Finally you have your mind and you may know what you want and how this should happen.

Sure I forget to said when and how much.

I just found a page called “FAQ” so let see what it contain.


Here is nothing I wanted to find out.
So I want to know if I will have any guarantee using their software also if the owner offer the refund.

The most interesting page for me was “About US” let I will tell you what there was funny.


The owner of the site said that he may reward somebody for the info related to individual or some groups who may copy his idea or concept.

On the end of this page he wrote that Rou-B given life on April 28th 2009.

Most of the roulette bots developer use the same idea and concept.

Should I use the law against Rou-B who use my idea and concept if I released my first bot officially in 2003 and under Money Maker Machine Network in 2007?

By the way I think he may have something against Super Roulette because it possible appeared after.

Super Roulette belong to Tiago2.

In the same time Tiago2 released Roulette Bot Pro that was prior to release of Rou-B.
So the solution is next:Tiago2 will have once Rou-B for Roulette Bot Pro and after Rou-B will have Tiago2 for Super Roulette. Usual this is called a pleasure from which both can benefit.

From my point of view “About US” page is written very stupid.

So I saw on this site a lot of videos related to winning process but I wasn’t able to find something related to winnings guarantee or if the seller give the refund.

Verdict: Nothing new.

This post has already been read 571 times!

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