RouleMind Roulette Software Investigation

RouleMind Roulette Software Investigation

My current investigation will be related to RouleMind Roulette Software but I will call this work on errors or how to be the best roulette fraud.

So what is this RouleMind Roulette Software?

First of all RouleMind Roulette Software is a piece of software to predict numbers.

Does RouleMind Roulette Software work?

Is hard to say what do you mean by this words because better will be if you will reformulate your question.

Let put another question!

Does RouleMind Roulette Software Win?

I tried to find on the site and all I was able to find are some advices related to how to minimize your loses.

RouleMind Roulette Software 1

What mean in case you will lose?

So then exist a such risk there?

Maybe RouleMind Roulette Software finally is not 100% winner!

Before to continue with RouleMind Roulette Software let I will tell you more about other prediction roulette software.

Check all in order to see that any of them are based on the same idea where you put last landed numbers and the roulette software predict what will land next:

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Also you can click here and inside the post find whole list related to the same idea also where you can win in fun mode and lose in real money mode

RouleMind Roulette Software – the part II called the catch or how to leave a place for an error.

I like this “Write All Numbers”

RouleMind Roulette Software 2

Now let suppose the game is running and you have to enter a lot of numbers.

How do you think which is the risk to enter a wrong number or to miss something?

So this is the reason why you always will be guilty for everything and anything.

What make me laugh are their so called page “promotions”

RouleMind Roulette Software 3

One day promotion? I think I saw this promotion last week.

If to navigate till the end then there are promotions for each month during the whole year.

For me is very strange to give so many promotions when you have the best 2017 roulette software!

Maybe RouleMind Roulette Software is not what it state to be?

You want to call me competitor?

Suppose you have a lot of Gold! Will you offer for it discount every month or every day or it will have a fixed price?

Maybe the price should grow always?

Just think  on this!

Now next thing which also make me laugh is called Unlimited RouleGenius Software.

RouleMind Roulette Software 4

My question is where are them?

Where is the description?

Where is the tutorial?

What type of software?

How many?

What them do?

All do predictions?

Look like a joke from some young people!

Let move now to RouleMind Roulette Software Tutorial.

RouleMind Roulette Software 5

So there are 5 videos but this is not the most important thing.

People show the video in fun mode and state that in real money mode hackers can do something with their real money casino account.

I even can not be sure these people ever played for real money!

First of all casino always ask any player ID.

Sure the casino may not ask for player ID but this happen only in case the player lose.

If the player win then casino for sure will ask their ID so there is no place for hackers.

This is the story to listen before to go to sleep!

Let suppose the hacker will get something!

Can you explain what is there to be stolen?


Hackers never stole money from the players.

Usually they do DOS attacks and ask from casinos money to stop doing this.

I feel there are some young people which do not have an idea of what is all about on this market.

Let see for how long these people are in business?

RouleMind Roulette Software 6

If you are looking for some technical aspects related to RouleMind Web Site please watch next video:

Also you can check my first RouleMind Roulette Software Video Review:

I think now is the time to talk about how RouleMind Roulette Software make money.

Sure not for you but for RouleMind Roulette Software Team!

So there are two options to  pay for their software:

RouleMind Roulette Software 7

Credit Card:

RouleMind Roulette Software 8

Do you know what is this?

Then I will tell you!

I will call this in the next way: so you are going to send money somewhere you never will know.

Are you ready to give your card details to somebody you do not know?

Anyway I want to tell you where the money will go.

RouleMind Roulette Software 9

I never heard of it because this is not something big and serious which mean you can send the money but not sure if you will be able to get refund.

Finally you should know there possible is no refund about which I am sure because you will not know where to ask for it.

RouleMind Roulette Software Team never will give you any refund!


Related to PayPal look below:

RouleMind Roulette Software 10

As you see you nothing purchase but instead of this there is a donation!

Nobody refund a donation!

Smart move!

Related to fake tutorials I think will tell you possible on the next days but I am not sure.


RouleMind is a scam for newbie or let say simple for a not experienced roulette players because only them can fall into it.

Why RouleMind Roulette Software site pointed my attention?

I will tell you simple there are no competitions and all they have right now sure by mistake is Google Rank for keyword “roulette software”

So all I need from this article is the same!

Related to their zero value roulette software I simple do not care because I have more than 40 products even if only 16 are on sale.

By the way you can find them on Money Maker Machine Web Site but this is not what I wanted to say.

If to talk about competitors then I am not sure who are my competitors because I am a roulette software provider and do not sale like many other only one roulette software.

Also I not sale dreams but instead of this I sale real roulette software for automation of any roulette strategy and nothing more.

Anyway if you want some reviews about Money Maker Machine then check some independent reviews:

Click here for the review from Roulette strategy Site

Click here for the review from Online Roulette Scam

For sure you may find many other but the problem is that some of them are not complete which is bad and which make many users to go to a wrong places.

What else I want to say about RouleMind Roulette Software Team?

First of all they are very young and for sure with low experience.

I know they are in business for one year when I am here for more than 10 years!

For sure there is no competition as I said above but only a simple go to Google also a warn for other newbies related to how to avoid scam or fraud and get better roulette software for a better price.

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