This review was done in 2009 by Money-Maker-Machine.Com – The biggest worldwide provider of roulette tools for online and live roulette players. This site provided us also with another set of reviews related to other roulette sites which we will post soon. For the moment enjoy this about ROULETTE BANDIT review and try to understand why you are still a loser and no guarantee that you will be able to change himself but who knows.

Another roulette site which want to tell us how we can become rich.

Finally not the first and not the last but let investigate it and to decide for us if it worth our money.

roulette-bandit-1 So this site have several pages with the info to convince you to buy it’s advertised product and not like the other with one sale page.
I am on the main page of the site and all I saw till now is that the site owner investigated roulette market and prepared special material related to what roulette players want to hear.

So analyzing the above info I can say that there is nothing interesting except one fact.
This seller said that he cracked the code.

I am not sure because if he did this then he will have very big legal problems and for sure not only him but all who will use his system because it is not legal.

Remember Crack is not legal and you may suppose what will follow after this but I am sure this is no more then an advertising sentence.

Another stupid think is next “finally cracked the code to online roulette

I can’t understand how such seller can crack the code to online roulette if he don’t have any ideas about how operate any online casino and how is built online roulette game.

First of all he should know that every online roulette game is based on RNG and every casino have his own RNG.

Sure some casinos may have the same RNG function only in case it was build by the same software provider.
Here are a lot of things we should analyze before to say something like this but not this is our goal.

For this paragraph I have only one verdict about ROULETTE BANDIT SYSTEM!

Or the seller don’t have any idea about online roulette or he think all roulette players are stupid or this is only a info that will help him to sale his product.

OK let move forward and to find our more about other miracles about ROULETTE BANDIT.


This seller already analyzed whole roulette market and prepared here the info want to hear every roulette player.

So first question is if this system work’s or not and the answer is yes from him side but I am not sure.

He saw many videos on YouTube for 300$ where the luck may be involved and which show only the start and the end of the game and in such case whole video take no more then several minutes.

I am sure he also saw our Red/Black Roulette Systems Video for 1000$ where every player can see how was made every 1$ but he don’t want to talk about this. (the video have several hours because it contain all)

I am not sure why the seller do this but look below.

If the seller said that Roulette Bandit is Scam then this is it!


Now we will move to another level and will learn how scammers works and what mean scam site and what it contain.


Yes you got our attention, I mean attention of  GCA – Gambling Central Agency which work to keep players informed and I am sure you will not be happy with this because once review will be ready we will send it to more then 7000 of our subscribers also our site always are on the first position in Google.

In case what you said on your site is real and you have cracks then you will pay also attention to special agency who fight against hacks and cracks and after this only jail.

But this is not so important for the moment because our goal is to keep players informed.

If to analyze the above image then what I can say is that you don’t have any idea related to how online casinos works so then how you can make a winning roulette system?

You wrote that all the casino do is that it fight against Martingale and any progressive systems.

This is stupid to say!

I will recommend to learn more before to say something.
From what you wrote till now I can say that you don’t have any idea to roulette and you are not even IT related.
I think all you can do is to put some text in Notepad and this is all.


Looks like this seller saw our experiments related to games against RNG Limits but he nothing understood from that test and I know why.

He is not IT related and he can’t make any difference between final solution and a test.
All our community members know that number of consecutive roulette elements depend on RNG structure.

Sure in case of 32 bits we may have up to 32 consecutive Red/Black elements and in case of 64 bits up to 64 Red/Black consecutive elements.

This is a rule and I will say a mathematic rule and nobody will be able to change it.

Any expert will analyze the text from the above image will understand that all that info don’t worth something.

But let move forward because only in such case newbie may become smart and will be able to take the right decision.

I am already tired to analyze a site with stupid things and with the info that are far away to be realistic.
I am think this was written by a child or a secretary.
So I will not analyze all pages but will pay attention to the most important things.

So there exist also FAQ section which also don’t worth to spend time on it.
Also there exist some sections related to scams which also don’t present any interest because the same info you can find on any other Internet site.
I mean some info about all well known scam strategies but his scam strategy is something not posted there but used today by all roulette sellers.

So where is the scam?

The scam is located on Terms and Condition or Privacy Policy page. Just read it and you will understand because such method is a common for all roulette systems sellers.


What I know is that every bandit should stay in a jail but not to drive a car in a city 🙂 

Finally this is not the most important thing but if somebody want more photos just go on any social site and download as much as you can.

If you want some useless tips then this site have them.

Remember always to check Terms and Conditions also Privacy Policy of every site if you want to save you money and to not lose them for useless things.



 As you see here are no money and this is another new gambling site like the other.

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