Roulette Beater Scam

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Roulette Beater Scam

I found Roulette Beater Scam Investigation on Money Maker Machine Forum – the most trusted place of all roulette players.
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roulette beater scam

Please find below a conversation between roulette beater scam owner and one of money maker machine forum members.

This is a e-mail history from me and the developer of the powerful roulette beater scam 2013 tool!  Grin
Have fun reading!  Cheesy

Hi! How s it going?
Could you please give me a demo of your software to test it before i buy it?

best regards

The video which we have on our chain are result which we filmed while the software worked.
Our roulette better works in real mode and not in demo mode.
How the roulette better works?
I explain to you:
The software connects in the database of the casino and anticipates the numbers which have to go out by reading simply in the database of the casino.
We sold hundreds of code.
But please please win, no more than 3000€ over a month on the same casino.
Otherwise the casino risks hardly to delete your account because of their rate of redistribution.
In brief after your payment you will have a note on the use of the program and your code of activation within less than 24 hours.
The code of activation cost 327.68€.
You can pay by Western union, if to be ready for you for the payment made know him to us shall give ourselves you the details of the payment via Western union.

I only have paypal. Do you also offer an money back garuantee? Because there are hundreds of scammers on the Internet offering the ultimate roulette strategy…

We arrange that Western union as method of payment at present because we various account are in check for reason of security.
We have nothing credit note with software pirates which are on the net, we work since two near the years and we have never had problem with our clientele.
Of all way are without fear because with us you are satisfied or to pay off, but the case of refund is very rare. We reassure you that you will be totally satisfied you can rely on us.

Is it possible to test this software for just 1 day?

We are sorry but we stopped the tests since several persons use different address to make several tests and after all it is us who lose because we pay we same the expenses of conception and our developer of software before the code is conceived.
We assure you that you will be totally satisfied or to pay off should the opposite occur, you can rely on us.

Since our last e-mail, we are always without answer of you. Do not be you any more interest not the program?
Make to us him know.

I do not really trust you. If you would let me test your software I would buy it!

Yes is normal whom you are a little bit septic, but I think that you will not owe the being because we have you to say that you are satisfied or to pay off. We are sorry but we cannot allow you of test.

I will buy your product if you make a proof video of a 30 minute session. You can upload it to youtube. I have already seen your video but this shows only 1 win. Show me a 30 minute session please!

Of course our program allows in our customer to win at yard sure. We are sorry, but there is no demo version.
The videos that we published on YouTube are videos that we filmed while the program worked, because the software it connects on the basis of the data of the casino and reads simply the numbers which will go out, here is how the program works.
Reason why we cannot allows you of test because we pay first of all our developer of software before conception of every code of activation.
As we have him to say previously you do not have has to be afraid because with us, you are totally satisfied or to pay off we reassure him to you.

I did not ask you to test it myself. i asked you, if you could make a 30 minute video about you winning and winning in one session! 🙂

We have really enough time to make you this video consider held that we are great occupied of has a mass of command of code of activation.
Of all the manners videos will show the same performance as videos on YouTube.
In every case you will have a note on the mode of activation of our program after your payment, if you really are to interest it is the moment of you got, I reassure you that you will be totally satisfied as demonstrates him our videos.
If you are ready makes signs us shall give ourselves you the details of payment.

Show me a 30 minute video of playing with Roulette Beater 2013 and then I will buy it. I want a proof!

Our videos are irrefutable proofs of the functioning here is proof:
http: //

We are still waiting for your answer.

I really do not know if i can trust you. Do you accept paypal?

We various account are in check (PayPAL, Liberty Reverse, Arlete Pay, MoneyBooker…) security for breach on our account.
The only method of payment is Western union,
if you are ready made know him to us shall give ourselves you the details of the payment.

Maybe its better if you visit an English course! Cheesy
I do not have Western Union and you say on your website, that you accept paypal too!

Yes but for the moment we have stop payment via PayPal for security problem.
The payment via Western union is simple:

To pay by western union you must first locate a Western Union agency in your city on the site
After locating the agency you go personally to the western union agency and ask to make a transfer in these coordinates :

First Names : Yapo Thierry Hermann.
Last Name : Yapo .
Country : Ivory Coast .
City : Abidjan .
Amount: 327.68€
Test question: who is the winner?
Answers: beater

After payment you send us an email with a scan of your receipt of payment and if payment is effective you will receive your code and a guide on the use of the program in less than 24 hours.

I will have to wait until paypal is available again.

PayPal will be available has a date later, thus if you really are to interested in the product it is the moment of you got, case to wait for days will be another waste of time. Time is money.
Be without fear you will be satisfied or to pay off then do not have us must to be shy.

Always in wait of your answer.

Hi! Do you accept payment via Moneybookers?

Moneybookers is not available.
We are unless two weeks when our different account are in vérification, we never have to use Western union as methods of payment, you noticed well it on our site. But we are at present obliged to use this method because we did not know how to serve our clientele.
You do not have to be afraid, our only one marigolds is of you satisfies, we assure you satisfaction.

That say it concerning you the method of payment  of the moment when you know about it more.
We are looking forward to your reply.

We are always looking forward to your reply, are not you more to interest??
Made know him to us.

I am afraid if this is a scam or not…

We work for more than two years and we really have no problem with our clientele, if was swindle if shall have him bad criticism on our program.
Our program is not a swindle because our code of activation works as on video then be without fear dear customer.
In every case you will be satisfied or to pay off, we assure you satisfaction.

What do you say about this review of your software?

This clearly says that it is a scam. So why should I trust you if you do not offer a money back guarantee?

It one is seen again for still make our publicity, to us make connaitre almost everywhere in the world.


At least he tried to convince me that roulette beater is a scam!  Wink

Verdict: I want to say more roulette beater scam is Nigerian scam so all money you will pay to roulette beater scam will go to Nigeria.

Update: Be careful roulette beater scam updated and now owner of roulette beater scam accept payments from different payment gateways but about this in my next investigation called roulette beater scam update.

This post has already been read 1043 times!

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