Roulette Bot Plus Review

Roulette Bot Plus Review

Really nothing changed!

Scammers create always the most advanced method for scamming and this site is exactly about this.

Roulette Bot Plus

Roulette Bot Plus

Believe me amount of $920 000 is fake. 

Finally on this site everything is fake and it don’t represent more than an affiliate scheme. 

If you understood me right then I mean a fraudulent affiliate scheme.

If you will check their site then you will find there that 12,900 players already earned over $920,000 and that number keeps growing by the hour! 

Looks like a super scam.

Really this is a scam.

Do you believe in it?

Did you heard ever about “Algo-Analysis Technology” ?

I will tell you simple: such technology never existed and never will exist.

Now let see who are these genius. 


Roulette Bot Plus

I like their principle “We help you to lose money – you help us to make money from casino affiliate program” 

Really smart idea.

Related to $300 000 I must not agree.

Online Casino don’t have such amount of money.

Real players know this and know how hard is to withdraw from online casino at least $10 000.

So believe me this is 100% scam.


Verdict for Roulette Bot Plus: stay away from this scam. 

Finally you should know that the best roulette software can be found on Money-Maker-Machine.Com site which is the biggest roulette tools provider for any online roulette player.


Everyday please check Online-Roulette-Systems.Info site and find here the most fresh and real Roulette Systems Reviews.

Next days I plan to review a roulette software which use dynamic progression instead of static progressions like: Martingale or Fibonacci or any other used today’s by online roulette players.

So check our site everyday and wait for Roulette Number Software Review.

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  1. mick says:

    i have an account with club dice which is also on rbp i play on fun mode but when i open the casino through rbp it has a different balance definite scam

  2. inspector says:

    Ohhh what a scammers…
    But clever:
    First a software is free… What??? This is the first sign but they gave a good explanation: “…we only accept donations…”
    How generous they are
    I’ve downloaded and there is a window where You can choose whichever casino You like, FROM the list only.
    This is one obvious sign: they are AFFILIATES aka cheaters/scammers.
    So I have left that window open and from the list I picked one casino and downloaded and ran the installer separately, not via their program. And what happened?
    The icon has disappeared from their window…
    what else do you need as a proof?

    Do not use any software to beat a casino from/via an affiliate(scammer). They have some kind of interest, especially the casino affiliates want You to loose, because this is their income.

    Avoid like the plague…

  3. I did download it because well, it was free for starters, and also i as simply interested in how the software looks and what it does. Well, to be perfectly fair, all it is, is a sleepers system where you can select the number of sleepers to wait for. nothing else much.

  4. tkd13 says:

    Also-analysis technologie which is talked about is nothing more then the let’s wait for 5 black then bet on red with martingale progression system. If you want to lose money faster then you can click this is the program for you.

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