Roulette Coding Introduction

Roulette Coding Introduction

I will start on this site a series of articles dedicated to roulette coding.

First of all what do you need for this?

A roulette software called Roulette Scripter Studio from Money Maker Machine.

roulette coding 1

What do Roulette Scripter Studio?

This is a roulette software capable to create, load and play any type of roulette scripts.

roulette coding 2

Why you may need it?

Let suppose you wanna play a roulette strategy but playing it manually is a very awkward thing.

So how to be?

Get Roulette Scripter Studio from Money Maker Machine and it will help you.

It is based on Pascal syntax and the best news is that Internet is full of tutorials related to this.

How look a roulette script?


roulette coding 3


roulette coding 4


roulette coding 5

Is there a place where I can get some ready to use roulette scripts?

The answer is Yes only if you purchased Roulette Scripter Studio from Money maker Machine.

roulette coding 6

So there are more than 50 Free ready to use roulette scripts for the owners of Roulette Scripter Studio Full Version.

Here is the full list:

Random vs Casino, Spar Staker, Cycle Roulette, Rotation – Distance, RBS Palette 4915 RSS Profile, Singles, Roulette Psychic for RSS, D’Alambert,
thomasgrant_2.psc, BigScript_FV-12-h, toms_utils, thomasgrant.psc, multi_alert.psc, BS_FV-09-nfs.psc, BS_FV-09-singles.psc, BS_FV-09-lines-d.psc, BS_FV-09-ec-dc-b.psc, toms_utils.psc, BigScript FV-08.1-all.psc, BigScript FV-07-all.psc, BigScript FV-06.d-all.psc, BigScript FV-06 c-all,
BigScript FV-06, BigScript FV-05, BigScript FV-03, Let it flow, BigScript V50-e, BigScript V50-c, BigScript V50, BigScript V50 template, hot dozen,
2lander-number, Universal script for bet on repeaters, Dozens and Columns, To bet on any 4 linebets at the same time, 3 Linebets, Universal script for bet on sleepers, 5 Linebet Script, 4 Linebet Script,3 Linebet Script, 2 Linebet Script, Usefull script sections, BigScript Suite V29 & V30, pre release. BS-V29-SS, BigScript Suite V29 & V30, pre release. BS-V29-LS, BigScript Suite V29 & V30, pre release. BS-V30-EBS, BigScript Suite V29 & V30, pre release. BS-V30-DCS, BigScrip V28 Software Suite. BS-V28-LS.psc, BigScrip V28 Software Suite. BS-V28-EBS.psc, BigScrip V28 Software Suite. BS-V28-DCS.psc, BigScrip V27 Software Suite. Combo.psc, BigScrip V27 Software Suite. BS-EBS.psc, BigScrip V27 Software Suite. BS-DCS.psc,
BigScript_NumberData-Collection, 2 dozens and 2 columns V1, BigScript V20


This is the first must have roulette coding software. It come with a lot of ready to use scripts. To not forgot that on the site you can also find some free roulette coding help or even your own personal coder.

If you ma look for a more advanced version of this roulette software then please check one of our articles related to Roulette Scripter Studio Pro.

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