Roulette System – Roulette Secrets Uncovered Review

Roulette Secrets Uncovered Review

Let see if we will be able to find here any of so called Roulette Secrets Uncovered.

Maybe we may find at least an idea which will help us to win consistently. At least we will learn from this review and will improve our skills related to how to find something useful. I am sure this is possible but I am not sure that this is exactly the site can offer us such information. Anyway let investigate Roulette Secrets Uncovered and see what it can offer us and how useful it can be for roulette players.


After the analyze of this paragraph all I can say is that it contain useless information which for sure will not not help you to make at least 1 $ and for sure will put on risk whole your bankroll. Anyway let read the other pages of this Roulette Secrets Uncovered site so maybe we will be able to find something useful or at least one smart idea.


Listen this is another useless page related only to how to lose your money and this is pure gambling. Be careful this is not smart gambling but advices which will make you to lose not quickly but big money. All I can say is that this page was made more for casinos than for online roulette players.


11$ in 3 minutes and whole bankroll lost. Just think if this is exactly what you are looking for. Believe me this site work for the casinos and it is for newbies because only them don’t have any experience on roulette and only them will use this method in order to lose whole bankroll quickly. Some fact about Roulette Secrets Uncovered.


This so called Roulette System 1 is exactly what I talked about before.  Like the author said it will work for him only in the specified casinos and this mean that it will make you lose your bankroll. If you don’t believe me then you can try and see.


This is a pure and stupid gambling.

No logic and pure luck. Already if you decided to gamble better to do this without this system.


 Above you can see another stupid system based on loser logic.

Sure you can try Roulette Secrets Uncovered and for sure you will lose.


Related to this Custom Roulette Calculator then I will say next: It was made exactly for gamblers and don’t forget that gamblers can only gamble and all will depend on luck. If you have luck then you will win on roulette otherwise you will lose on roulette.



For me all looks strange and I have many questions for this so called expert which said he worked for casinos.

Why he nothing said about RNG?

Can somebody which worked as consultant for casinos be so stupid and believe that such stupid system can bring consistently at least 1$?

Verdict for Roulette Secrets Uncovered: This site have more information related to how affiliates can make money working for online casinos than how online roulette players can win on online roulette. Believe me and save your money.

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  1. Ghost888 says:

    It is far from being stupid. You will lose only 86 dollars if no mumber in the same douzaine doesn’t come for 17 times in a row. Cone on, this never happens, at least not with my mini roulette at home.
    Nobody believes this can work because everybody faced long times loss in a row. The truth is, it is because most of rng roulettes and live roulettes are rigged. He gave good advices. For example, don’t play with few little money. So true, software are programmed to finish quickly your money if you don’t have a lot. Also, he is saying to not play with the same casino within 24 hours. So true also, the software will recognize you, they knew you won last time, so they are programmed to make you lose everything this time.
    If you have better advice, I am open. But with flat bets, you can’t beat the odds…
    In this exemple, you lose 86 dollars if you lose 12 times in a row. Even with with flat bet, you would have lost a lot of money with 12 losses in a row. In this exemple, only one win makes you win. With flat bet, with only one win, you are screw. So, please give your method is this one is so bad.

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