Roulette System on Google

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Roulette System keyword on Google or more about the Black Days of the best search engine.

In this article we will talk about so called best search engine Google also about it capability to find exactly what we search. For this we will run a simple test and will ask this search engine to search for next set of keywords: roulette system.

First of all you should know that it search more for related page content than for site content.


If the site has a page related to roulette system which is SEO Optimized then it may appear as a results in search engine even if whole site may be related to cats or dogs. I think this is not good. For sure at this time Google is the best search engine but with the last update of Google SEO algorithm the things started to move into a wrong direction. Maybe this is a search engine bug. I don’t know but if things will continue in this way then possible we all should look for a new search engine capable to give us the expected results.

How I see this?

First of all I am looking for something based more on site content than on page content. Simple tell me how a site related to articles about books can be better than a shop specialized in books. This is the idea I want to bring here. I know Google has a lot of money so for me is very strange why somebody who have a such big budget for development, develop something really bad. As I remember many years ago this was the case of Yahoo and MSN so I am sure possible several months or years until a new search engine will appear and for sure all Internet users will move there.

I am not happy with the Google because it is focused more on making money than on delivery true results.

I feel this is the Google End and I am waiting for something new.  I can say even more one year and the things will change.

Just look what return Google when I search for next set of keywords: roulette system.

roulette system on Google


As you see Google is more focused on page content than on whole site content.

As I know many sites may be specialized in custom content like: music, books, software. Just think that instead of getting to such sites you will be redirected to other not related sites which will have one related single page which is considered by Google as SEO friendly.


Really now I even don’t know which search engine perform better. For the moment I may say that Yahoo looks better  but anyway I still expect the best results from Google until the time when Artificial Intelligent Search Engine will be available to all. I think we don’t have too much to wait.

This post has already been read 299 times!


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