Roulette System Term On Google

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Roulette System Term On Google

This week I will start a new type of reviews related to “roulette system” term or better to say the keywords roulette players use to search on Google.

If you will read whole my investigation you will be able to understand why you lose and why you never will win.

So I start my web browser and enter on Google and search for “roulette system” keyword.

roulette system term 1

Now I am going to check any site to see how good or bad it is and find out why it rank so high on Google.

I want to remember that we investigate here all sites which rank high on Google for “roulette system” keyword.

The first site for investigation is OutSideBet:

roulette system term 2

I checked it. So there are 10 articles related to roulette and some casinos to be advertised. To say that this site is enough to learn how to play roulette and play like a pro will be a big mistake. Anyway it rank high. Our site have more than 120 articles related to roulette but we do not rank so high.

Finally I know the answer and it is next: OutsideBet site simple write articles fpr Google and after for roulette players. There is a lot of information which can be found on any other sites. If you expect to find there something new believe me there nothing new can be found at least every roulette system presented there can be found on any other Internet site. From my side for any roulette player this will be a totally useless site.

If somebody want to prove me that I am wrong and there is a lot of information related to “roulette system” term then you a free to do this via our comment system. Leave your comment and prove me this.

Let move next to RoulettePhysics site which I expect it belong to Genuine Winner. Not sure if is a need to talk here about this site because Genuine Winner have at least more than 10 roulette sites which I think I have to investigate inside one big review.

roulette system term 3

I heard Genuine Winner sale electronic devices to beat roulette. I do not  know how them works! All can I say for sure is that between Money Maker Machine Community members nobody ever purchased any device from Genuine Winner. So there are more than 5000 roulette players but no one purchased Genuine Winner electronic device to beat roulette.

My question is: who then buy these devices? I do not know! On the other hand this is not my field of investigation and I do not care about this even if we had recently a project like this. To give you some more info we never deal with real roulette and the project was for live roulette based on ballistic.

For sure this site has a  lot of things related to “roulette system” term but for this week it is ranked lower.

By the way before I will move to the next site I want to warn you that I will dedicate some of my time to do a big Genuine Winner review.

Next site is Caro’s Roulette System or better to say that is a poker site with one or several articles related to roulette.

It is located on third position on Google with Caro’s Roulette System.

roulette system term 4

I checked it and what I like is that there people are really active.

I mean there are a lot of comments where people ask and looks like there will not be a end.

On the other hand I do not know why people do not go on RoulettePlayer.Net site and ask there for a full automation of Caro’s Roulette System?

The same happen with Roulette Bandit Roulette System but now it is fully automated.

Next on 4th position on Google is a YouTube Video with the next name: “How to Win Roulette – Super Simple Winning Roulette System”

roulette system term 5

Looks like this is a live roulette and there are a lot of views and several comments.

People like to gamble and risk on roulette. Finally who do not risk never will win.

Next site is RouletteStrategyNet:

roulette system term 6

This site contain some roulette tips + some roulette reviews. I consider it very useful but only 13 roulette sites reviews I consider too low.

On the other hand I found there Money Maker Machine Site Review which I consider it must be updated because there a lot of products are missed.

Anyway I consider this as a good site but it need more and more new fresh reviews. At least you can try a look and decide by yourself.

Let move next and the site is Roulette30:

roulette system term 6

Here you can find some systems. Even if some of them are called winning roulette systems believe me no one win in a long run.

Finally nobody ever will say this but you have to know about any of them and using this information to build your own very unique roulette system.

What I like there is their Roulette30 Forum:

roulette system term 7

Even if there are not a lot of members the forum do not look dead. It is a general roulette system forum and people do there something.

At least you can take a look and decide.

I had a quick look and can confirm that forum is not dead but I still can not say which is the main direction it follow or what people do there?

Next site located also on first page of Google for “roulette system” term is BettingExpert:

roulette system term 8

For sure this site is not related only to roulette but there can be found some roulette system articles.

Possible it is mostly related to sport betting but I am not sure even if there are a lot of betting experts.

It to talk about “roulette system” term for this site then I found there only several artciles related to roulette and this is all.

roulette system term 9

Look above this is exactly the page related to roulette system term.

I am not sure how useful is this system but from my side I consider any player need several roulette systems to start winning on roulette.

The site is full of advertising but for sure this is not a problem. If to talk about roulette then it will be useless for many roulette players because it is focused on other things.

Now let move to the next site which is Forbes with the next article: “Scientists Beat The House At Roulette With Chaos Theory”

roulette system term 10

Really Forbes do not have something in common with roulette but due to it high page rank this article is ranked high.

Can this roulette system help you?

For sure not! It is only a simple article with one single goal: to locate high, to build traffic and later to convert this traffic into money.

As you know Forbes site is not related to roulette so the single goal is to allow roulette players to spend roulette players money on something else than roulette.

At least a nice try while more than 140 000 people read this article.

The next page located high on Google is called: “Six Pack Plus Roulette System”

roulette system term 11

It is designed for American Roulette so really is not clear hot to win with it. As on previous site the page is located on well known site this is why it is located high on Google. Related to information then there nothing special can be found.

And now the last site from Google Page 1 for “roulette system” term:

roulette system term 12

The site contain a lot of gambling things for sale. I am interested only in Roulette.

roulette system term 13

Related to roulette then I found there something but I am not sure what because this is a sale page and nothing more.

The seller will tell you how good is his system but never will tell you what it represent or how it work.

So you have to trust him.

By the way there always is an active offer:Hurry! Sale ends March 29 Get ALL 14 ITEMS below for just $ 39

Does not matter when you will enter because every day it run.

Verdict: Today I reviewed all sites which rank high on Google for “roulette system” term. I can assure you 90% of these sites are totally useless while only 10% of them can give you some food for thought. Now my question is how you are going to win on roulette? I am sure you know the answer. Be prepared to lose on roulette.

This post has already been read 840 times!

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