Roulette30 Review

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Roulette30 Review

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Today I will make a short review for a site related to roulette systems.

Why It pointed my attention?

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This is quite simple to explain.

It stay on the first page on Google if yo will search for the next keywords “roulette system”.

I do not want to say that it is very useful.

All I can say for the moment is that it is well organized and designed.

There are a lot of articles related to roulette systems.

Believe me there can be found anything but how useful will be this for you I am not sure.

I think this site is first of all for an average roulette player because for a newbie this material will be very complex while professional players will stay on other sites.

Let take even Money Maker Machine which is the biggest roulette software provider. Also I can suggest Roulette Player Site.

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The last thing pointed my attention is that the site owner call him as roulette player.

Not sure or better to say I am sure he is not a roulette player but a good web designer and a good search engine specialist which know how to write content for sites.


The material presented on the site is nothing new.

Real roulette players do not have time to learn how to make sites and the most important they do not know how to rank higher on Google.

Why Google?

More traffic to your site mean more money and not from roulette game but from customer sales or advertising and sometimes from casinos.

I am not sure how it do money there but for sure not from roulette winnings.

I can say even more he never played roulette like a real roulette player.

Do you know what mean a real roulette player?

This is something or somebody which has a life called Roulette.

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All is related to methods and strategies he use or advertise on the site. All strategies are so simple but in the same time are presented to the user in a new and complex way. At least from my side this is not the way to be a successful roulette player.

Verdict: A totally useless site which are ranked high in Google. So this is all I can tell you about it. But I will make some other reviews in order to get some traffic from it. I think my way is much more better and much more useful for any roulette player because I know what to offer to roulette players and believe me them will appreciate this.

This post has already been read 264 times!


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