RouletteForum.CC Review

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RouletteForum.CC Review

This is my review about RouletteFourm.CC 

First of all let see if this is something unique or we can still find another sites based on the same idea.

Before to start I want to say that I really like this site and the mode it is organized.

From what I know the owner of this site is the same person who created VLSRoulette Forum.

On the Internet we can find that VLS Roulette Forum belong to Steven Hourmouzis.

I don’t know what to think about this but I only may suppose that VLS Roulette Forum and Roulette Forum CC possible later was sold to Steven Hourmouzis.

If this is like I said then all works like a place to collect information about players and later to use them for scamming.

At least this is what I suppose but I may be wrong.

RouletteForum.CC Review

Now let talk a little about this site.

On the Internet you can find several sites based on this idea.

The first site based on this idea was Money Maker Machine Forum and after followed VLS Roulette Forum and some years ago this one.

All are based on the same idea and I mean all talk about roulette systems but only on Money Maker Machine Forum you will be able to test it fully and even to automate it.

RouletteForum.CC Review

On both sites: Roulette Forum CC and VLS Roulette Forum we can see a lot of registered members but I am not sure how many of them are real and active.

Verdict: RouletteForum CC is the VLSRoulette Forum with several small improvements. If you want only to talk about roulette systems and nothing more than you can stay on any of them, otherwise please consider to go to Money Maker Machine Forum which was the first network which promoted this idea and where you will be able to test fully your idea and even to automate it.

This post has already been read 1457 times!

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    It agree, your idea simply excellent
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