roulettehowtowin – Review or gambling business with Love from Romania

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roulettehowtowin – Review or gambling business with Love from Romania

This review was requested by members of Money Maker Machine Community.

Almost of all serious roulette players know what is this MMM but if you don’t know then I will tell you.

Money Maker Machine or shortly MMM is the single roulette players community based on real roulette players and which work only for real roulette players this is why we always try to keep our community members informed.

Today I received a request from one of our community members in order to review roulettehowtowin site.


I think this is a very interesting site and you will see why after you will read whole my review till the end.


The site design represent no more than a set of sales page or everything may help them to sale their products.

But this is not the most interesting thing which pointed my and possible many other players attention.


Look at the price!!!

So I think these people fly in the sky while they sale products up to 5000 euros for a package.

By the way I did a small investigation and find out that them are from Romania.


Is their office located in Cluj Napoca?


I am not sure if their office is located exactly there but I did a search in google images and find this image.

Sure there exist many other.

By the way I want to tell you a secret related to Romania.

No, it is not mine secret.

Simple check next links:

romanian cybercrime & computer crime legal blog

also this

US and Romanian authorities bust cybercrime group after USD 10 mln scams

Now I am sure you will understand why these products are so expensive.

Romanian a very smart people.

No, I will not say that there all are criminals.

Most of them are very reputable and very smart and their music you always will see on TV.

Anyway be careful this is gambling and you deal with very smart minds from this country and you can’t be sure if you deal with reputable or professional cyber crime groups.

If you want to find out more about Romanian Cyber Crime then google is at your disposal.


But if you want to find out more only about current system then look on the above image.

In Earnings & Income Disclaimer they will tell you the same you can find on any other sites related to gambling.

Now my question is then why to pay so big money when you will receive the same like if you will buy an e-book or DVD about roulette for 30 euro.

Verdict FOR roulettehowtowin: We deal with people from Romania which like to get more from less customers. I recommend to stay away from this site but if you have some info for us feel free to comment on this article or to post on our forum.

This post has already been read 725 times!

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  2. jack says:


    Why from 600 readers of this articole, we don’t have any opinion or testimonial about ┬┤┬┤roulettehowtowin┬┤┬┤??

    Does enyone here buy somethig from this guy? is that software really work?
    Please leave a note here.

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