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If you are looking for the best roulette software capable to automate any roulette system then it is here.

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click here to go to RoulettePlayer.Net

All you have to do is to download and install the software and after to browse for the available roulette systems.

In case the strategy you want to play is missed please search for a coder.

I will recommend to look for a user with next forum name:Silver“.

So no coding skills are needed here! Simple send the strategy you want to automate and get it in a short time.

Why “Silver”?

Because he is a professional roulette coder and from what I know he already made more than 200 custom roulette bots.

Get in touch with him and ask for a custom roulette bot!


What else I can say about the site?

The software offered on the site is free and paid in the same time.

How better to explain this?

If you will download the software for the first time then you will be able to play with it all available roulette systems in any Online Casino based on Playtech platform.

So where the limits start?

Any roulette system can be run one time so if you will try to run it for the second time then you will be asked to upgrade to full version. Upgrade cost 19$ per month. Hard to say if 19$ per month is a lot of money or not because there you will receive access to more then 10 full version roulette systems and premium support on roulette player forum. Possible soon will be some other payment options but for the moment this is all.

Where and how to pay in order to upgrade to Full Version?

At this time payments are not received on the site but are embedded into the software. So do not worry about how to pay because the software will notify you when is a time for a payment.

Now let talk a little bout available projects.


As you see at this time there are 10 available roulette systems. I can say even more there are 10 full roulette systems with a lot of options. The best news is that all these roulette scripts was made based on players requests which mean you will play always something play all roulette winners. In case you may need some help there is a button “Get Help>” Just click on it and start a support topic. Be sure somebody will help you!

What else we have?

Each roulette system come with at least one video which explain how to use it. I recommend to all to take a look at these videos. From my side I consider them very useful at least for somebody will start Roulette Player Software for the first time.


Below we can find another series of videos.


These are the last videos + some quick links used mostly for the support.


You should know that the concept of this community is based on the next idea: people come here, look between available roulette systems and in case them may need some modifications or something special they may request this.

How all this is possible?

I think the secret is inside the Roulette Player Software based on RSS and RSS Pro. With it any roulette system is possible to automate. Really anything with any type of progressions and any type of bets and finally the best news is that here is a live coder happy to process all your requests.


Verdict: I recommend this site to all who look for custom roulette systems. You only come and pay and in 3-4 days you will have your own very unique ready to use roulette system.

This post has already been read 328 times!


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