RXsector Roulette Software Review

RXsector Roulette Software Review

RXsector is a new scam roulette software but for sure it is not a new scam, being based on an old scheme.

Even being stated as a software for Live Roulette the Video use Online Roulette.

For sure this roulette software is a scam at least because the owner want to tell us that the software is for live but he use it for online roulette.

Do not forgot Online Roulette and Live Roulette are two different things and here should be applied different algorithms.

Anyway let forgot about this and focus on RXsector roulette software.

Before to continue I want to inform you about other scams based on the same idea: Smart Watch Roulette Software, Winner Roulette Software, RMatrix Roulette Software, Enygmista Roulette Software and soon another new.


Read below how the RXsector is advertised on their official site:

“Today we want to introduce the program RXsector 1.0.

This program comes from Russia and was developed by a team that has been working for years with the issue of Roulette.

The special feature is that the software accepts the figures under the microscope and 3 possible “hit” delivers as forecast.

The result is as you can see in the video very positive and we are pleased to share the software with you.

As always, completely free!”

What else you should know?

RXsector is an old well known scheme where you can win always only in fun mode and lose always in real money mode.

The RXsector software need the last 5-6 numbers and after it will tell you the next numbers will land.

Anyway we all know how this will work but this is a good technique to scam somebody who do not know about such type of roulette scams.

I think at this time on the Internet are more than 1000 sites which use this scheme.

In our roulette scam section you can find at least 10 sites which use this roulette scam scheme:

Click here -> to check our roulette scams section.


Check always our site also inform your friends about our site and let all be protected against any new roulette scam schemes.

I am sure all this will not end here because at this time are more than 1000 sites which use the same scheme.

Usually roulette players find our site and read about RXsector scam or maybe some other scams but forgot to tell to their friends or even to repost about this on other sites which is good for scam people and bad for roulette players.

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  1. Is strange that you was not able to find about it. I warned about it. Is enough to put the name on Google and my articles are on the first page on Google. BY the way there are many other roulette scams which you can find on our scam section.

  2. Jasmin J says:

    Newest scam. Very sophisticated. All secure website and payments, make a win playing with real money with Software 1, then you switch to Software 2 and start making “big bucks” – they recommend €500 in your account minimum. Then you lose and I assume they want you to keep adding money to keep losing to “win your money back”, they make it clear that whatever you do you must continue playing. They even show the % chance of winning back your deposit if you deposit more. There are legitimate looking reviews but once you look closer, all reviews are from specific usernames despite most people actually signing up with Facebook (and your review would come under example: FacebookUser2983759827) – I posted a comment and tested this out. THIS WEBSITE NEEDS MORE PUBLICITY AS, UPON INITIAL GOOGLING, I DID NOT REALISE IT WAS A SCAM AND I HAD TO REALLY DO SOME DIGGING TO FIND ALL THIS INFORMATION!!!

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