Sumorobo Scam Review

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Do you really think Sumorobo brought $2,562,540 to Users?

Please find here My Sumorobo Scam Review!

Sumorobo Scam 1

The Truth!

Sumorobo Scam 2

Now let do some mathematic operations.

Based on the information posted on the site there are 780 000 downloads which mean 780 000 roulette players use this software.

Also we can find that using Sumorobo these roulette players was able to win $2,562,540.

For sure this amount looks quite big but let now count how much in average was able to win with Sumorobo each roulette player.

Sumorobo Scam 3

So if to divide $2,562,540 to 780 000 players have Sumorobo then this mean each roulette player was able to make a profit of 3$ and 28 cents.

I do not know if this is a lot or not for a player but if to talk about myself then this is a perfect losing roulette system.

Does Sumorobo Win?

Sumorobo Scam 4

Based on the information posted on the site looks like there are only winners!

By the way I did a simple sum of winners amount for MARCH month:

178,725 + 114,950 + 102,800 + 86,186 + 93,449 + 30,313 + 29,984 + 26,214 + 25,611 + 24,416 = 712 648$

So for March Sumorobo player won 27% from the whole reported sum of $2,562,540 (since the site started to work)

This is a scam when 10 players won an amount which represent 27% from the whole reported amount of $2,562,540

What happen with other 780 000 players – 10 winners?

Let continue with Sumorobo Scam

Sumorobo Scam 5

You should know that Sumorobo Scam can be used only in the casinos the site have deal with.

Now the last part of Sumorobo Scam.

Sumorobo Scam 6

Verdict: As you see this roulette software is a full scam. For sure it is not run by professional scammers but anyway you should know that with it you will lose more than you will win. From my side this is the most trivial casino affiliate scheme. So you are supposed to download a free software which can play only in several casinos which have a special deal with this site.

For professional and trusted roulette software please go to: Money Maker Machine and Roulette Player site.

The first these are the most advanced roulette software available on whole roulette market and the second both sites deal only with roulette software based on open source roulette system format.

There you will not be forced to play in a special casino but instead of this you will have to pay for the use of the software.

If you are focused to win on roulette you always will have to pay to somebody and for sure better to pay to people who want to help you.

This post has already been read 492 times!


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  1. Ushaman says:

    Oh my GAWD this is a scam. I think it is from the same people who made roulette bot plus or something like that. What they do is offer to give you this free great roulette system and there are loads of great testimonials and lists of winners with photos.

    But download the free software and everything is aimed at getting you to sign up at their casinos.

    Sumorobo is probably run by a nigerian scammer who paid an indian programmer to make a bullshit system with software complete with affiliate links and all!

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