Technigroup scam vs Roulette Software News

Technigroup scam

Is technigroup scam a new addition to scam market or it is something old?

I will tell you simple: technigroup is the same scam as: Privatis Club Scam or Privatech Scam or Futura Capital Scam or Roulette Software News Scam.

So all these sites belong to the same roulette scam network and all are based on the same idea.

In Google only one of this sites is ranked high and this is Roulette Software News Scam.

How about Technigroup Scam?

So this is the last addition which come with one simple goal to hide the whole scam.

technigroup scam

Do you want to call me competitor of technigroup scam?

technigroup scam 1

I can assure you I am not a competitor for Technigroup scam.

All I want to do is to warn you all about this new addition.

If you will check the links I posted above then you will find there a Log of one scammed person.

Better to say you will see the conversation between me and him.

I simple want to warn you about the way of how you may lose 800 euro for nothing.

How Technigroup make money?

As always like any other casino affiliates they are paid from players loses.

Why a new Technigroup scam doomain?

As I said above this is done to hide the whole scam.

I made a review so this post will be shown soon on Google.

Usually my posts are live after 3-4 days and located always near the scam.


Technigroup scam is for sure a roulette scam but not a new one.

If you read my other reviews then you already know they are casino affiliated.

Their so called group are no more than some casino players which gamble.

Sure sometimes they may be lucky but in some days they will lose all and believe me all will depend on their luck.

I do not care if you will believe me or not.

I will be happy if you will read my review before you will be victim of this scam artists.

Why I said this?

This is very simple because only after this will happen with you then you really will trust me!

For more roulette scams investigation check: Money Maker Machine Forum.

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  1. Baloo says:

    You are right Kevin Bakker they are scam, i think they working together with casino. in the first time you win but later one you lose everything, but if you win you cannot withdraw because they said that you broke the rules. and in the first time you will write to thier comments how you experience for first time when you used the software. its positive

  2. These are the sites on which are based whole scam:
    1. Roulette Software News
    2. Technigroup
    3. Privatis Club
    4. Privatech
    5. Futura Capital

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