Tesla Car One Option Real Direction

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Tesla Car

No this post is not about roulette but about a world rule called roulette and how Tesla Car play there.

Do you think electric car can have a feature?

Yes this is exactly the feature but what we have now is not exactly what will be soon.

Some of you possible have this car while the other possible still wait to see how all will end.

So what we have right now?

tesla car 1

We have not only this one but some other electric cars on whole this market.

The next question is when other or even whole planet will drive electric cars?

Here we can have only one  single answer!

This will happen when electric cars will become effective.

Let remember Nikola Tesla!

nikola tesla car

I think people which now try to develop electric cars simple forget what Nikola Tesla did whole his life.

For all who forgot this I will remember.

idea for tesla car

So when companies who offer for sale electric cars will be capable to recharge them without cables we can consider this as a start point.

Remember we do not need Tesla Chargers or other things!

We do not need even super chargers and so on!

Simple forget about this!

We need exactly this thing on which Nikola Tesla worked whole his life!

We need a way to broadcast energy!

In this way any electric car will be able to recharge remotely anywhere.

We still will need electric accumulators?

Yes we will need them because may exist some zones where the energy will propagate slowly and electric accumulators will be capable to accumulate it.

So the same way works GMS broadcasters even if them do not broadcast directly electricity.


At this time the single electric car company I think may have a feature is Tesla Motors but all will depend on the decision it will take. It he company will follow this direction then we will have the same feature was described by Nikola Tesla otherwise everything will fail and the electric car idea will still remain an expensive toy for some people. Other question related to an alternative way to get energy or even artificial intelligence will use any new electric car I will explain in other my posts.

This post has already been read 16 times!

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