Tesla Roulette Car

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Tesla Roulette Car

I think most of us can get into the right direction only once or better to say we can get the right decision and after get much more wrong decisions.

The same I will say about auto market especial about electric cars.

Does the electric auto market go into the right direction?

Just think we have electric cars but them can not be used worldwide!

Electric cars are more expensive!

The max electric car can drive are 500 km and this in Eco Mode!

Really this is not a bright future!

I can assure you all that electric car will be stared to use widely only after it will be able to go without to recharge at least 2000 km.

On the other hand the recharge procedure should  not take more than 13 seconds.

Yes 13 seconds!

tesla roulette

I am sure most of the people which develop such cars know this!

On the other hand I am sure with the current development they go no where because all forgot what said Tesla and how he saw this.

Possible they do not know how to build what Tesla started but without this electric cars do not have a future.


Does anybody need a car which for a full recharge will need one night?

Even if full recharge will be done then autonomy of the car will be around 500 km?

How about to travel worldwide with a such car?

So this is the main problem!

For the moment to be able to move forward people which work on this field have again to read what said Tesla and start everything from the begin.

I am sure they something missed but if they will not do this then other people will do.

As I know Google and Apple said they will start also to develop electric cars.

Anyway only people which will follow Tesla will be able to build the first electric car capable to travel worldwide and which for sure will be a big jump into the future.

Almost of us think this is the future. You are wrong this is not even the past because in the past all this already existed.

I am sure the world need people who can change the world into the right direction.

Yes we had and we have them but unfortunately exist something which do not allow them to move quickly.

Verdict: Possible people are not prepared to move tomorrow to electric cars because what we call electric cars are electric but not so good as Mercedes or BMW or Audi or many other reputable brands. For sure we have something called electric but I think with the current direction this will take at least 10 years to find the correct direction.

This post has already been read 237 times!

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