Wrong Info about Money Maker Machine Products

Wrong Info about Money Maker Machine Products

Genuine Winner Quick Look – Information was prepared for us by Money Maker Machine Community Member. I have looked at the link mentioned, & in fact when I looked at it, I had already come across it before some time ago, whilst looking for information about Roulette Bandit system.

The geezer that talks bad of your product is well known across the net, & is called Seven Hourmouzis, also known as Stefano Hourmouzis.


He sounds a real dodgy geezer, who runs site called Genuine Winner, & his name is all over the net, regarding lies, scams & frauds.

It is claimed he has even served time in prison for internet scams/crimes!

His two main arch enemies are a two geezers, one called Forester who runs a site called My Rulet, & another called Mark Anthony Howe who runs site called Predictroulette . com

Some of the stuff put out by these two regarding Seven Hourmouzis, is quite unbelievable in its content & details about him (not good!).

Anyway, fact is, he is well known for calling/putting down anything which is not his own product, so he can increase his own sales.

Take no notice of this geezers comments regarding Money Maker Machine, as it is all a load of bad mouthed rubbish & nonsense lies!

But anyone who knows this geezer, would know he never tells the truth about anything he considers to be in competition with his own products!

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